Z Gallerie Opening

In my hopes of being more adult and having a home that I can be proud of, I have been doing alot of pinterest pinning of all things home decor. We have been at our current abode for over a year and yet many walls are still oh-so bare. It’s not that I don’t love a comfy and put together looking home, but more so I just do not know where to begin.

Well no, I lie. I know what I would like my end result to look like. I love gallery walls. I love pretty looking accent tables and I love me some fashion inspired wall art. I am a sucker for fashion design sketches and I love dark yet happy colors. As much as I like to see others do minimalist, I know that I like beautiful chaos.

Last week, Z Gallerie (my moms fave!) opened a beautiful store at the Mosaic District and I could not be more thrilled. While I love other places for home styling too, there is something about Z Gallerie that makes me feel elegant, adult and just all around glamorous. Maybe it is that the colors are super luxe or the way they pair the pieces together. Regardless, I’m hooked on them and have been saving all my fave pieces so I can purchase here and there.

I know home styling is not something I really post on but it is because I just get really lost in it. And not lost in a good way but lost in a “HELP, I SUCK at this” way. I can see clothes, but I cannot for the life of me see home decor. I can tell you when its cute but I cannot put it together. Ever!

Today I spent nearly my whole lunch hour perusing the Z Gallerie site and making a note of the things I want to go see in person at the new store. After writing them all down and saving on my phone, I realized I really AM a Pisces. I am incredibly drawn to blue hues like the ocean.

If you are in the Maryland, DC or Virginia area, I definitely urge you to visit the new Z Gallerie store in the Mosaic District. You never know…. you may run into me there looking lost but in love with all the beautiful items!

all photos from the Z Gallerie site.

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  1. Charita
    June 1, 2017 at 2:16 am

    I love Z Gallerie! I loved their gallery walls! I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from them in home!

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