What is that, Velvet?

If you don’t know where my title comes from, then I am seriously judging you. Whenever I think of velvet or see velvet, I automatically think of Coming to America.

That movie is everythang!

It is actually one of the first movies I ever saw in America after Coming to America (heehee) and the line about “The royal penis is clean your highness” is permanently ingrained in my head. Why? Because I had no clue what a penis was and I had no clue what she was doing but it made me laugh for some odd reason so I went around repeating it.

Yes, I was that kid.

top dc blogger wearing velvet trend j. jill

I was also the kid who gave herself bunny ears in pics to fit in. Too bad no one told me that you don’t give YOURSELF bunny ears. Le sigh.

But back to velvet.

It’s back and luxe as ever. While I am never a trends girl, I find myself gravitating towards all the trends I see right now because they bring back great memories. I loved the 90s so this is just a nice way to bring it all back for me! Velvet has always been a fave fabric of mine ever since I read The Velveteen Rabbit. It gives me such a royal vibe and this top from J. Jill has me feeling like a Queen!

I’m not going to hold you guys up too much with a bunch of words. Let’s let the visuals do the talking and then Ill tell you all about the shoot information. Fair?

Wearing- Top: J. Jill | Jeans: {old} JustFab | Shoes: DSW | Sequin beanie: THRIFTED { similar options below}

top dc blogger wearing velvet trend j. jill

Shoot Information

Location: My neighborhood near Fed Ex field in Maryland

Camera Information: Canon 80d with a 35mm Youngnuo F2 lens

Photographer: Jermaine Maull

Editing: ME using VSCO Film Pack 6

I wrote a bit about this shoot on instagram but Ill add to this post as well. The need to get a picture in those rose bushes was strong for me and thank goodness Jermaine was in agreement. Who was not in agreement? The bees and the thorns. I literally had a thorn at my side and was making eye contact with several bees while trying to look comfortable posing for the snaps. I used all my telepathy skills to let J know he needed to get the shot QUICKLY!

top dc blogger wearing velvet trend j. jill

My Favorite Velvet ItemsĀ 

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