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  • My Love of Blanket Scarves

     I fell head first on the blanket scarves bandwagon and well, I am happily riding along. I preach inhale fashion, exhale style and I am against trends over personal style but…

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  • Washington DC Fall Trend Look

    Happy Thursday yall- I should be showing a throwback thursday type photo but instead posting my actual outfit of the day. People often think that living and working DC means conservative…

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  • Winter Pastels

    Happy 2017! After 34 years on this earth I know better than to make any resolutions. I rarely keep them. Actually I can honestly say I never, ever keep them. Not…

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  • Perfection

    Strive for progress. Not perfection! So just like this graphic t-shirt from Tees in the Trap states: F*@! Perfect! For most of my life I thought perfection was the way to…

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  • The American Flag

    Comme Coco has been around now for over 5 years and although my style has changed slightly, the aura of this site has remained the same. I started this blog as…

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  • DIY Strapless Top

    Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style. I am all about taking something and making it your own. Add your own STANK on it! While I love watching and reading about DIY projects, I…

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  • Using a men’s shirt

    I love men’s collared shirts. Like really love them! I purchase them in bulk from thrift stores and I will wear them as tunics, as shirts to tie around my waist,…

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  • Go To Bermuda Event

    Now that I have moved back closer to DC, I really am teetering the sartorial line between Baltimore and the Nation’s Capital! Last night I had the honor of being invited…

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  • Hair

    Most women are raised to believe that their hair is their beauty. And not just any hair, but long hair. The longer it is the more beautiful and I truly believe…

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