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  • Weekend Tings

    As I sit here and type this, its the weekend. Sunday night to be exact. Im cuddled on the couch with Jermaine watching the Grammy’s and cheering on everyone black. Yup.…

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  • More Ways to Style a Turtleneck

    I had ALL intentions on doing a full series of different ways to style a turtleneck but then the weather made it difficult to shoot 5 different outfits. So then I…

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  • Top DC blogger at city center igloo holidays 2017-13 ice lounge

    DC Living: Real Igloo at City Center

    When you think of igloos, typically visions of fur adorned Eskimos and the Arctic come to mind. Never does one associate an igloo with the epicenter of luxurious living and shopping…

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  • Insta-Story rants

    Being introspective has been a major part of my healing from all the drama of 2014 and prior. I spend alot of time analyzing my actions and thoughts and figuring out…

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  • Body Positive

    Most of my travel diaries involve being in Florida. I am always in the sunshine state. Not always by choice but I like to be with my family so it trumps…

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  • Nicki Minaj Collection

    Island girls are da baddest… (c) Nicki Minaj Recently Nicki Minaj debuted a new classic collection and after perusing the pieces, I realized I would wear pretty much every single item! Known…

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  • Because black girls are magic

    Bougie: Anything perceived as “upscale” from a blue collar point of view. Let me say this: I can be a Bougie Black Girl. But more often than not, I am far…

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