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  • Blogging brings out my insecurities

    Comme Coco is my baby. It is my little place on the internet that I can share my thoughts, outfits, inspirations and photography. It makes me oh so happy! But yet,…

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  • Shop my top liked instagram posts

    I often joke that I am an instagram blogger. And frankly I do post more consistently on that photo sharing platform than I do on this site. Some of my outfits…

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  • Red Pumps & Chicago

    This is another pretty quick post to celebrate two things; these awesome red pumps and my upcoming trip to Chicago! Red pumps & Chicago.. what more could a chick ask for?…

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  • Jeans with Rips

    Born into a pretty conservative, “bougie” Haitian family, jeans with rips in them even deliberately were always frowned upon. My love of anything destroyed, especially denim runs oh so deep that…

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  • Because black girls are magic

    Bougie: Anything perceived as “upscale” from a blue collar point of view. Let me say this: I can be a Bougie Black Girl. But more often than not, I am far…

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  • Baltimore Farmer’s Market

    After a crazy September of traveling, I was adamant that the first weekend in October, I was not going to step foot outside of my house. Well that plan went to…

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  • Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore 2015

    The Hippodrome. Baltimore’s Glitteratti. Vegas Themed Party. Delicious Food. Signature Cocktails. Charm City. That pretty much sums up my fantastic night celebrating the winners of Baltimore Magazine’s Best of Baltimore 2015…

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  • Bud Light Rita Hour

    This post is sponsored by Anheuser Busch. There is something about hanging with good girlfriends at a pretty place with refreshing beverages that just make for a great time! Once I…

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