My Love of Blanket Scarves

 I fell head first on the blanket scarves bandwagon and well, I am happily riding along. I preach inhale fashion, exhale style and I am against trends over personal style but certain popular items are hot for a reason. They are just that fabulous! There is something absolutely riveting to me about scarves and these oversized wool ones are a must in every cold weather resident’s closet. Today we had fall (not winter) temperatures and a coat was unnecessary but the morning chill prompted me to break out this scarf instead. Its cozy, warm and fashion forward….and a F/W season essential.

My favorite online retailer to snag the best scarves is eBay but I have been finding a few cute ones at H&M. I will be sure to style up this beige leopard one from there in my next outfit post but for now, love on this pink plaid one that is a staple in my wardrobe.

Top DC blogger winter style

It plays nicely with all colors and keeps me warm. While many live by fashion over comfort, I need both. This is probably why this past weekend I went on a rampage going through my shoes. I own so many pairs and yet only reach for the same 10 when styling an outfit. Not because I don’t like all the ones I have but because my go-to pairs are cute and COMFY!

I need to be comfortable. I will not suffer for fashion.

My Favorite Scarves

So tell me- what’s your key piece in your Winter Wardrobe?


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