Red Pumps & Chicago

This is another pretty quick post to celebrate two things; these awesome red pumps and my upcoming trip to Chicago! Red pumps & Chicago.. what more could a chick ask for?

red pumps

Although I wish I was heading somewhere a bit more tropical, I do love the energy and spirit of the Midwest’s biggest city and am excited to explore and take a million pictures in the Windy City.

My hotel is situated downtown on the Magnificent Mile so if you see me wandering around, pretty please don’t be a stranger! A huge focus of mine was updating the travel and photography section of the blog and Chicago will be my first travel edition. Certainly click near the header bar to see some of my other travel posts such as Miami and Key West!

This photoshoot was a rather quick one between Teena of KrisWill Photography and I, outside of Baltimore’s black female owned cafe- DoveCote. We made it quick because it started to hail. I could and would have kept going but I cannot be selfish and allow my girl to get pelted by precipitation. So we took it inside and I devoured the most delicious bowl of Shrimp Etouffee outside of the deep south!

shrimp ettouffee from dovecote in baltimore

baltimore fashion blogger

I am getting alot of emails and requests from photographers who would like to shoot me or work together. I definitely am open to it and have a million ideas. I will be starting that in June so stay tuned!

947 Dovecote Cafe in baltimore comme coco curvy fashion blogger

As far as this outfit is concerned— its all ripped up! I snipped off the hem to these pants to give them a more modern feel (they were VERY tapered) and I created from off the shoulder top from an old black crew neck Target shirt. I did not do a very good job with the top and I highly suggest if creating your own off the shoulder, do not cut across from the widest point. Take it up about an inch or so because it will pull and stretch out. Also, take it from me- Do not and I repeat DO NOT use dull scissors! LOL! I have since upgraded to very sharp fabric scissors and could not be happier!

how to wear african print

cherry blossoms

Pants: Thrifted | Ripped Up T-Shirt: Target | Red Pumps: Security Mall | Hat: African Shop in Harlem, similar HERE| Lipstick: RiRiWoo |

what bloggers do winged eyeliner 973 cherry blossoms in baltimore

Before I bid y’all adieu…. any of my beauty mavens have any tips or tricks for my super dark undereye circles? They are hereditary but lately I have noticed that even my concealer is not helping enough. I am getting sleep, no I am not drinking enough water and yes I wear sunscreen….. thoughts?

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