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Island girls are da baddest… (c) Nicki Minaj

crop tops for curvy girls

Recently Nicki Minaj debuted a new classic collection and after perusing the pieces, I realized I would wear pretty much every single item! Known for her own personal style featuring lots of figure hugging silhouettes, the Nicki Minaj Collection follows the same suit. I love to see when a collaborators personal influences can be seen in the clothing. Hence why I love- Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style!

comme coco wearing nicki minajtop baltimore style blogger

I really wanted to get the deep v lace up dress but since I own a ton of lace up, I decided to try a two piece set featuring a body con maxi skirt and turtleneck crop top instead. Given the weather is still a bit chilly here in Baltimore, this seemed a bit more do-able for me to wear now. What I did not expect was just HOW MUCH I would wear this set?!?!

The quality is really outstanding, the stretch is comfortable and I kid you not, it feels like you are wearing pajamas. Sexy, figure hugging and flattering pajamas!

I am wearing the large set but honestly they do run a teeny tiny bit larger on top and should have gotten a medium top. With these thighs of mine the large skirt is just perfect! I am truly contemplating picking up the suede version in a deep red as a change up. Since I received this set, I have thrown it on about 4 times. It looks great work as separates and it cane be dressed up and down. I have not worn it “dressed up” yet but because of how comfy it is, it has become my new t-shirt and jeans equivalent!

I highly suggest picking one up….. even if you just sleep in it, I swear you will be happy!

motel room photoshoots best lounging outfitI wrote a huge piece on Instagram about body positivity and body image. I chose like most of my photos to not tweak my flaws. I am a real person with a really regular ole body that showcases the scars that come with liking to eat at restaurants and liking to eat pretty hearty meals.

boudoir shot woman in the mirror

Nicki Minaj Collection Top | Nicki Minaj Skirt 

body positive blogger

Shot on location in Philadelphia, PA

brown girl with a camera

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3 Comment

  1. Carlos Federico
    March 12, 2016 at 7:28 am

    Hello Jen, love your photos and your style!
    I included you in my last post, I hope you like it!

  2. Carla
    March 8, 2016 at 9:57 pm

    I love Nicki’s style, I might get the top.
    Wish I was so confident as you (I’m trying though)! 🙂


    1. Jen
      March 10, 2016 at 3:10 pm

      you should! It is really, really comfy and sexy all in one

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