Modeling for Andrew Roby Events

top dc blogger models in bachelorette type dinner party shoot for andrew roby events

I’m a model yall. Hahaha. Well I would love to be a “curvy” model and I guess I am slowly but surely pursuing it. I was blessed about two months ago to do some modeling for Andrew Roby events in DC. The concept of the shoot was a modern bachelorette dinner and he and his team nailed it.

top dc event planner andrew roby events

But first who is Andrew Roby?

Andrew Roby Events is the distinct wedding and event planning company. What has made our events magical over the last 10 years, is our ability to create an experience based on our client’s personality and style. We give each client the meticulous attention to detail they deserve. Our clients don’t compete for our attention, but we certainly compete with vendors and venues to ensure our clients get the absolute best.

Whether it’s a conference, a LGBT wedding or a fundraiser to aid a local charity, we pride ourselves on building experiences that are surrounded by the love we have for our clients. We believe that our clients are our family and just like we want to give the world to our moms, we want to give that same treatment to our clients with custom made services to fit your needs.

We are a boutique event company which means we limit the amount of clients we take on to eliminate being overburden and decreasing our quality of service to you. Our clients are busy professionals who look to us to ease the stress in planning their events not add to it.  As Event Planners, we are entrusted with creating everlasting moments and that’s exactly what we plan to do.  There is never anything more important to us than your event! – from their Website

top dc event planner andrew roby events

First time meeting Monica and basically having to be oh so happy for her and her “engagement”. Think we did well

This was my first real photoshoot. I mean with a makeup artist, hair stylist, location, craft catering etc. I walked into the Dupont Circle Hotel and was amazed at everything that was going on. There were models abound. Hair being done. Makeup. Stylists fitting the models. Ahhhhhh I felt at home. While my goal is to be the creative director and/ or photo editor for photoshoots, modeling for Andrew Roby Events sparked a newfound interest in being in front of the lens. (eek)

The best part of this experience was meeting Monica + Hannah though. They are growing to be part of my oh so small girl gang and I cannot rave enough about them. I have never felt so supported and cheered on by two women that I did not even know 2.5 months ago. They are just genuine and beautiful spirits and I am so happy that they are in my life! For the last few months I was feeling a little down about friendships. I was feeling left out from some friendships and I was feeling jealous of new bonds being made without me. I have also been feeling extremely down because duh, I am still grieving my father and grandmother’s recent deaths AND the fact that my BFFs live far away. Oh Teena and Tomeka move closer!!! And my family is far away. UGH! Proximity plays a huge role I guess. Basically, you know…. Complete immature and selfish stuff lol. But my feelings are valid even if unnecessary. I am learning. I also recently learned that I was pushing away valuable friends out of being upset about my insecurities over the friendships that were diminishing. In one week I started to change that way of thinking and now feel great and am more open to welcoming new friendships and growing present ones.

Girl Gangs are important. Having a strong female support system is important. But having your romantic partner also be your true partner in life is the most crucial priority. This shoot was all about celebrating finding love with your girl gang after an engagement and it made me think a lot. I am so appreciative of everyone in my life. So why am I so sad about being felt left out. That’s just spitting in my blessings’ face.

I am blessed though. All around. I could list everyone but recently I have had great people “check” me and my negativity on social media. Thank you! You know who you are 🙂

All around-I cannot help but be the most appreciative of my absolute best friend. My beau. My partner in crime. My counselor. My chef. My travel buddy. My rock. My masseuse. The person who puts me in my place. My role model. My everything. I don’t remember life without you but I am sure it was kinda gray cause you have brought sunshine to every facet of my existence. Because of this true friendship, I am able to understand the quote “You will meet someone who will show you why it never worked with anyone else”.

But enough of this lovey dovey ish.

We kinda killed this shoot right? Who run the world……

There were so many wonderful people involved in this photo shoot and I want to make sure to highlight them all. I am adding instagram handles to this post and will add links as well. Please show them love and support!

[wc_row][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”first”]

Photographer: @dotunayodeji

Planner: @AndrewRobyEvents

Florist: @violetgardensfloral

Venue: @dupontcirchotel

Baker: @winniesbakery

Fashion Stylist: @kerilhenderson

Stationary: @fingersinink

Hair/Makeup: @creativeimageshairmakeup

Rentals: @imperialdecor

Video: @AVS360

[/wc_column][wc_column size=”one-half” position=”last”]

Rentals: @smthingvintage

Rentals: @selecteventgroup

Clothing: @signature.dresses

Model: @wrapmaven

Model: @thedistrictdarlings

Model: @chelseasanta

Model: @commecoco

Model: @heartbrkhannah

Model: @sambinachristina


P.s. This is my crew if I decide to have a wedding. I’m not really a wedding type gal so we shall see…..

Photos below are iphone photos from behind the scenes. See videos and such on my photography instagram: Jenn Jean-Pierre

And that’s all folks

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  1. Patricia Potter
    May 27, 2017 at 1:16 am

    I am a little late to this post, Jenni, but it is just cause I am getting the hang of this whole blog thing! I just loved everything about this photo shoot. You looked BEAUTIFUL and I loved the striped shoes with the black dress! I want you to be proud, sweet girl. You are stunning and you give so many young women the belief that they, too, can be beautiful in their world!!!

  2. Keri
    April 26, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    You all look fabulous! I had such a great time working with this time. Hope to work with everyone again 🙂

    And yesssss to all of the lovely dovey ish expressed in this post!

    1. Jen
      April 26, 2017 at 7:28 pm

      thank you so much Keri!

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