I’m sold on Asos

My love affair with ASOS started in 2010 when I found a cute grey dress on major sale. This was back in the day when I was making like NO money and could not afford to get too much new stuff but would treat myself here and there. And treating myself always meant hopping on the ASOS website to check out the deals.

This was back in the day when products took forever and a day to arrive. Or at least that is how I remember it. But boy did they step their game all the way up!

ASOS is bae.

Top DC Blogger in Fall 2017 trends

Wait did I really use the term bae? OY!

I digress.

The other day I was perusing my BFF post on fall trends and instantly was inspired to get some red booties. I found the perfect ones and like is my nature, decided to sleep on it. This gal doesn’t do on the spot purchases BUT it often backfires on me. Like this time.

The boots I wanted were sold out in my size. Like really? In one stinkin day?!?! But that tells you just how good ASOS is. Everyone wants their goodies.

But I was steadfast in my want for red booties so I used their filters and saw all the red booties available and decided to take a chance on some velvet ones. My goal was leather but velvet is what I chose.

Top DC Blogger in Asos fall trends 2017

They came less than 3 days later and O. M. GAHHHHH.

They are absolutely perfect. The heel is nice but not ankle breaking height. The velvet is luxe but not tacky and the color is fantastic. Basically, I love them!

Top DC Blogger fall trends asos

I was worried initially because I always go up half size when getting boots. This time I got the size 8 and was a little nervous as I slid my foot inside but I almost hollered in happiness when they fit perfectly. Toes were not squished at all. HALLELUJAH!

Top DC blogger fall trends 2017

I know alot of us are deep in fall shoe shopping mode so I wanted to share my experience and love for ASOS. I highly suggest taking a gander at their site for all your shoe needs that easily fit any budget!


Ohh wee! I was sweating like an oinker! Fall temps have not hit DC yet but Fall looks have to be shot so…… *shoulder shrug. These pants had to be PEELED off. Think Ross with the leather pants in Friends situation!

Location: Arts District, Hyattsville

Camera Info: Canon 80d with a Younguo 35mm lens *p.s this lens is on sale for 80 bucks!*


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  1. Claudia
    October 11, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Love this look…. and you’re teasing me about Hyattsville! We need to head there for Thanksgiving 🙂

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