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  • FullSizeRender 9 600x600 - Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Here I am. Doing this fitness thang one more time. Since quitting competitive football, I have really struggled with sticking to a fitness regimen but I think I may have found…

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  • IMG 0021 600x600 - Fitness Diary

    Fitness Diary

    So I’m back with another fitness diary log! Last week I was trolling Facebook and a transformation picture pops up on my feed. Most of the time I’m not impressed and…

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  • lemons 5 600x600 - Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    Happy Tuesday and welcome to Monday’s hated cousin! I mentioned a few months back that I was on a fitness and health journey and my posts on the topic have been slim,…

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  • tennis 6 600x600 - Fitness Diary: Tennis

    Fitness Diary: Tennis

    Although I am a tad late with my first fitness diary, I believe in “better late than never” so…. here we go! I am on a serious quest to get back…

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  • Airmall BWI FIT2FLY Mini Cards 2016 2 - Staying Fit while Flying

    Staying Fit while Flying

    Hey all- As I have previously posted, I am on a pretty vicious fitness journey and since I am currently traveling, I wanted to do a very quick post about staying…

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  • IMG 8382 - Fitness and Health

    Fitness and Health

    I do not want to be skinny. I just want to be healthy and fit for my body type. Just as I speak on dressing for your figure, I also believe…

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  • screenshot 2015 04 14 09 34 11 - Jrink Juicery

    Jrink Juicery

    So I have been on a health kick lately. Well I am always on a “health kick” but what I mean is that I am actively implementing AND acting on my…

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