Fall Styling with J. Jill

top dc influencer wearing j.jill

Sundays are my day of rest. But I rested all weekend so here I am with a very quick post about my Fall styling with J. Jill.

A few of my friends have remarked that I have been wearing a lot of J. Jill recently and they could not be any more spot on. I love basics and comfy clothes that are a blank canvas for me to work on. It’s the faux artist in me! I rarely rock super trendy pieces solely because they do not always allow me the flexibility to add my own sass to them. They don’t afford me the opportunity to “inhale fashion, exhale style” like I love oh so much!

top dc influencer wearing j.jill

For the Catherine’s Plus store opening in Capitol Heights, MD, I decided I wanted to be Ms. Maroon. So I dressed that way. I love deep, rich hues for Fall and maroons, plums, an aubergine always make me feel autumny!

According to J., I completely over did it and looking back at the pics, I was a little extra but I had fun with my look and that is ALL that matters in the end.

top dc influencer wearing j.jill

Like I said previously, this is a very quick post showcasing how I’m Fall styling with J. Jill so go ahead and click the links below to see what part of my outfit was from J. Jill.

Pants | Scarf | Shoes | Vest

In the comments, please let me know what your fall colors. Are you rockin that red or loving the metallics?

Shoot Details

Camera: iPhone 7 plus

edited with InstaSize and Vsco

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