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Comme Coco Travels

For the first time in oh so long, I have tons of travel planned. I guess it helps that I will be traveling a lot for work but hey in my eyes, travel is travel. I don’t particularly care what my locale is as I can find beauty and amazing things any and everywhere.

The trip I am the most excited about is a girls’ trip with my sis and one of my bestest friends, Monroe. We are going to LA, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree and I will be shooting some EPIC images while out there. I mean… think body paint and beautiful black women! Im squealing just thinking of it! But back to this…..

Last week I traveled to Florida to visit my mom and just magically ended up on the beach. First and foremost- I love the beach. It is my favorite place on earth. My mood instantly lifts when I see sand and smell surf. Being by the water speaks to the Pisces in me so I am happy that there are several beaches within a 15 mile radius of her house.

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Southwest Florida is a much simpler and quieter florida beach area. It is not super touristy and that is probably my favorite part. I love the quiet. I love its basic qualities.

Enjoy the pics and I promise that my written content will be so much more interesting soon enough. My brain is still salt-water logged!!!

Wearing: Tees in the Trap shirt | Target bathing suit | Forever 21 aviators | Shorts: Levi’s

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    May 11, 2017 at 9:00 am

    Thick thighs save lives indeed!

    (& buxom behinds free minds!!) :p

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