Comme Coco Travels: A 48 hour trip to London

Comme Coco Travels: A 48 Hour trip to London

Travel has been a mega focus of Comme Coco this year and although I have not done as much as I have wanted, I am still making plans upon plans. Virgin Atlantic recently came out with the Brexit Calculator.  To show just how much you can save, purchase by purchase, Virgin Atlantic just launched a Brexit Calculator, complete with Virgin Atlantic flair. Simply select what you’d buy while in London (like that ride on a penny farthing, or tickets to a West End musical!) and the calculator tallies up your savings.

With the pound at a 31 year low, there has never been a more affordable time to travel to London. If I had 48 hours in London, what would my itinerary look like and what would I do since I would have wayyy more money to do it?

Since I was a very young girl, I have had an obsession with Stonehenge. So much so that I wrote my entire 7th grade 30 page essay on this magnificent structure. Besides London Fashion week and watching Arsenal (hey Giroud!), it is the only reason I have ever had the urge to head on over the UK. So you know the very first thing on my itinerary would certainly involve taking the train from Waterloo Station to Salisbury and then heading over to Stonehenge. I may contemplate stopping at the Salisbury Cathedral on the way back but certainly not on the way there. Stonehenge is my #1 goal and I already know the tears of joy that would flow from my eyes would make the 2 hour train ride oh-so worth it.

For those who do not know about the mystical place that is Stonehenge, I shall give you a very short guide. Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument of stones in the UK. They are believed to have been constructed over 3000BC and are still the most architecturally sophisticated of all stone monuments. The most fascinating aspect of this to me is why was it built and HOW were they built?

The stones themselves weigh roughly 4-5 tons each and the material of the stones were from over 150 miles away. Who was able to bring such heavy materials so far? Why did they do this? Also the way that these stones are placed hold tons of mysteries. Was it a coronation place? Was it a burial ground for the Druids? Was it constructed by “aliens”? Is it an astronomical computer for predicting solar events and eclipses? I could go on and on but we do not know. And that is why I am drawn to it. I have an obsession with all things mystical and that modern science cannot explain. It makes me happy to know that our fancy computers now-a days cannot decipher all secrets.

But back to my fabulous trip in London!

I had some fun with the Brexit Calculator and for all the things I would do, I could save nearly the cost of a round trip ticket on Virgin Atlantic! Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself  HERE

So here is a very quick run down of what my 48 hours in London (or near it) would look like:

August 26

10am: Watch the Arsenal vs Liverpool match at The Gunners Pub | 204 Blackstock Rd, London N5 1EN  Did you know that a pint of beer costs less now with the pound being at an all time low? That means more and more stouts for me. Truly dying to enjoy a delicious Guiness and of course a Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout but of course not get rat-arsed because I have plenty left on my agenda!

12:30pm: Celebrate the win over Liverpool with fish and chips at either Golden Union Fish Bar (traditional) or Hook Camden Town if I am looking for an innovative variation to the classic Fish & Chips. Think sea bass in a lime, mint and wasabi batter, applied sparingly, and Cajun spiced hake! (YUM!!)

2pm: Head over to Waterloo Station to get on the train to Salisbury to go see Stonehenge!!!

4:30pm: Arrive at Stonehenge and with my Special Access Visit pass from the English Heritage office, I am able to get closer to the stones (not touch them of course!) But I just cannot do the regular tour and stay behind the rope. I need be up close and personal!

6:30pm: Leave Stonehenge with enough photos to fill an 8gb SD card a a pair of souvenir socks!

9:15pm: Arrive back at my hotel (Haymarket Hotel), shower and get dressed. I can afford a more luxurious hotel now because of the drop in the pound!

10pm: Head over to Voodoo Ray’s for pizza! I have a love of NY style pizza and outside of New York, this is touted to be the BEST! I am dying to try the Giorgio Moroder and the Hot Mix 5 slices!

11:15pm: Back to the hotel to enjoy a drink or two at Brumus Bar. Loving the brightly colored and funky decor!

12:15pm: Sleep and get ready for the next 24 hours of fun!

August 27

11am: Wake up, get dressed and head out!

12:15pm: Shopping! But not the typical places. I’m venturing to London’s “little Morocco” aka Golborne Road, Ladbroke Grove to find all things vintage, multi cultural bric a brac and of course get a taste of Morocco in London! I would also grab a couple gifts to bring back to the children!

2pm: Its all about the Notting Hill Carnival where I can listen to my people’s music (Soca, Reggae and Calypso!) on the more kid friendly day. I will indulge in all things Caribbean and dance my little arse off to the beats. I probably will be rocking my traditional Karabela dress and of course a head scarf. Of course I will be coming back tomorrow for the wilder day but since I only have 48 hours to share…..

8pm: Head back to my hotel and CRASH!

The next day August 28 is Bank Holiday. I most certainly am going back to the Notting hill Carnival for more adult fun in the morning and then back to Haymarket Hotel for afternoon tea. It is something I just have to experience. This will also be my day to get some outfit post photos and meet the breeder to the English Bull Dog I would feel the urge to purchase for J while here.

If you had 48 hours in London, how would you spend it and when would you go?

Talk to me!

Thank you for the London based goodies, Virgin Atlantic

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  1. HeyMichsi
    July 3, 2017 at 1:52 am

    I’m spending my 48 hours visiting everything HP if I could.

  2. Claudia
    June 30, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Number 1 thing: Would have to drag you with me to see the Harry Potter play!! Shop vintage clothing with you. Find a bookshop and have some tea. Peek in a sewing shop. And try to connect with friends who live abroad.

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