Best Men’s Style at Curl Fest

This past weekend, I hopped on the Bolt Bus and made my way north to NYC for Curly Girl Collective’s Curl Fest. For those unfamiliar, Curl Fest is the ultimate black girl magic meet up in the middle of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. And when I say black girl magic I mean…. natural, not natural, light, dark, medium, thick, thin, and all around phenomenal sisterhood event hosted by the ladies of Curly Girl Collective.

I typically do not attend events like this because I hate the heat. I am not a stand around outside just sweating all day but Monroe of Fashion Steele NYC was working the event for Shea Moisture and my girl Teena of Kris Will Photo was flying in so I just knew I had to make it. And after a few grief induced cry fests, I did in fact make it!

best style at curlfest

best style at curlfest

(side note: Monroe KILLED IT! Her insta-stories for Shea Moisture were so awesome and if you weren’t there she definitely made you feel like you were. Im hella proud of her!)

back to Curl Fest, cause yall know I’m good for getting off path

For Curl fest I was not going to show up with my perfectly straight hair. Nah son. It took me a week but I found a wig that would make me “curl fest worthy” and felt like I “belonged”. While I don’t see anything wrong with showing up with my transitioning yet still very straight hair, I wanted to respect the event and all the beauties there. So me and my Freetress Velma wig rocked out to the island beats from the stage at Prospect Park and felt perfectly happy.

best style at curlfest

best style at curlfest

This post is more about the attendees though. Here are pretty much all the photos I took from Curl Fest this past weekend. Although I was being lazy and did not really move from my comfy spot on a blanket underneath a tree (yall it was HOT), I was able to capture some great looks. I tried to focus a lot on the male attendees solely because no one ever gives them enough love and I am truly enamored with the evolution of men’s style! Men are doing it and the way they accessorize is amazing!

Hats were a huge trend and the color blue was abundant.

Bravo Fellas!

best mens style at curlfest

best mens style at curlfest

best men's style at curlfest best men's style at curlfest

Although I am pretty sure I missed alot more of the fabulous men’s style like I wrote previously, I just was not moving from my spot. While my laziness took over from physically relocating to shoot, Ill have to tell you that it was WORK literally shooting these from in between people!

best men's style at curlfest

and yes this post is about the best men’s style at CurlFest but I cannot help but feature a few of the ladies as well!

best style at curlfest

best style at curlfest best fashion at curl fest

To see more photos, please head on over to 10th letter visuals and as always, please do not repost or use these photos without properly linking back and asking for permission 🙂

Thank you so much for reading and viewing and I hope you all have a fantastic day!

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  2. Jay
    July 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    The guys did show up and show out

  3. Claudia
    July 18, 2017 at 1:50 pm

    Maybe you should do more blanket shoots… what you captured is beautiful. Good looking out for the men! Bummed I missed you and the Fest

  4. MelissaFFF
    July 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Truly an amazing photographer… loved it all!

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