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  • top washington dc blogger with short natural hair

    I did the Big Chop, Now what?

    So recently, like less than a week ago I decided to big chop and embrace my natural hair. Almost every single one of my friends were discouraging me for months about…

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  • Denim Skirt

    On Saturday I attended the Other Festival in New York and definitely wanted to look stylish but also really wanted to be comfortable as well. I knew it would be a…

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  • Minimal Winter Style

    Grey and Camel……. Between still being in mourning over the loss of my best friend/grandmother and not really feeling like rocking anything complicated, I have basically dressed in neutral colors this…

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  • Long Braid

    Oh… you didn’t know I’m Rapunzel with this long braid in my hair. Or maybe it was a nice cover up because my hair was molded and drying underneath this little…

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  • Hair

    Most women are raised to believe that their hair is their beauty. And not just any hair, but long hair. The longer it is the more beautiful and I truly believe…

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  • VinoFest DC 2015

    This past Saturday, my girls and I headed over to NoMa to attend VinoFest 2015 to indulge in our favorite things: wine, dancing, great weather, people watching and music. This was…

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  • Workwear

    We spend most of our time at work. Well, heck, I spend most of my time at work and if I am going to be sitting for 8 hours working on…

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