Where I Buy My Accessories

I am not into labels. I am into style. I love quality but my wallet cannot always afford the quality that I adore. So I DIY or I shop all the way around for a good medium of price and quality. I often get asked the good old question of Where I buy my accessories and everyone is often shocked with my answer.

So today I decided why not just show some of my favorite accessories I purchased from my favorite place to purchase “trendy” and fun sunglasses and earrings.


Yes, Ebay!

purchased this kimono from ebay for under 10 bucks

Similar as mine. If you search enough you can find.

Most people think of eBay and instantly think of bidding wars and auctions and I can tell you I have never gone through an auction on the site. I see what I want and I purchase it right then there through “buy it now”. Not everything is bidding style and eBay is pretty much just like Amazon but I find prices to be alot less expensive.

All eBay sunglasses but these I cannot find anymore. Im searching though!

Found these green glasses on eBay as well for under 5 bucks

I believe in style. I believe the smallest thing can catapult your look into something nicer. So because of that I stick with sunglasses, shoes and earrings.

If I see a friend with cool earrings but know that her price range and my price range are different I get on eBay and I describe what I am looking for. More often than not I hit the nail on the head and other times I have to dig a bit.

But honestly yall are sick of reading all this bla bla bla. You just want to see where I buy my accessories and what I have gotten. DUH!

My new fave earrings from eBay

Tips to Buying on eBay

  1. Know your measurements when buying clothes. Most come from China and their sizes are very small. So know your measurements and look at their chart under item description.
  2. Look at the seller’s ratings. ALWAYS
  3. Look at all available pictures of the item
  4. BE PATIENT… often times you may not get items from outside the USA for about 2 weeks. Sometimes I am shocked and receive things within 5 days.
  5. Scarves (those big ole blanket scarves from Zara) can be found on ebay for half the price and the same thing. 12 bucks vs Zara’s 35 bucks
  6. I almost ALWAYS go with free shipping. If the one you are looking at does not offer it you can find another typically that does.

I wear these pink earrings everywhere. So much so I just recently got the red and black ones. I have extremely sensitive ears and don’t have any issues with these so far.

Thank you guys for reading and taking a look at some of the photos. I know they are not the best quality and alot of screenshots but I wanted to make sure you guys got the gist of it 😉

Any questions, Ill be answering them in the comments 😉

under 5 bucks 🙂

pssssttttt these are my new faves: Tassel Earrings

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  1. […] If you want the exact red earrings I am wearing, go to this post! […]

  2. Michelle
    June 20, 2017 at 5:27 pm

    You know I love everything tassels, so I’ll be buying a few from there.

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