The White Button Down

j jill white button down top dc blogger curvy cropped jeans old navy

Classics. Oh the classics! I love ’em. Navy blazers, LBD’s, biker jackets, Levi’s 501s and of course the white button down shirt. I love a good ole white button down because you can do so much with it. Rock it with leather pants. Get business chic with a nice pencil skirt. Tie it around the waist with your Levi’s cut offs in the summer. My favorite is when Carolina Herrera wears hers with a nice ball gown skirt. Swoon!

J jill button down worn by top dc blogger

j jill classic white button down top dc blogger

My collection of white button downs is pretty large. Almost as large as my sunglass collection. Well nah that large. Im boasting about 50 plus pairs of sunglasses and only about 10 white button downs but still. You get the point. I’ve got a lot of them. From crisp Brooks Brothers to baggy and loose to fitted women’s styles to my favorite tunic length white button downs, I try to have variety!

white button down top dc blogger curvy j jill

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I recently added one more to my collection from one of my new favorite online stores, J. Jill. They have all the classics and I love to remix the classics. Speaking of remixing the classics….. white button down and jeans… yup. You cannot go wrong. But even more so rocking an iconic top with a new take on denim makes me happy. I definitely am living my inhale fashion, exhale style with this one.

Had an absolute blast shooting this outfit with my brand new friends, the sea gulls. They are sea gulls right?

classic button down j jill top blogger dc curvy

What’s you favorite way to wear a white button down? Tell me in the comments 🙂 Or heck if you hate white button downs, tell me that too. I just love chatting with you all!

Button Down: J. Jill | Jeans: Old Navy | Belt: Vintage | Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Pictures taken by and shoot creatively directed by: Jermaine Maull

edited by: me

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