The Fashion Industry and Curvy Women/ Plus Sized Beauties

When does the world, especially the fashion world stop and realize that the EVERYDAY “average” woman is not going to fit into a supermodel size 0-4? When will designers and high fashion brands start to make a nice variety of sizes? When oh when will it be easy to find awesome clothes for ALL sizes and shapes without having to go to dedicated “curvy/plus sized stores”? When will the media stop with the unnecessary labels and categories for women? More importantly though,
when oh when will we as women stop feeding into the bullshit. When are we going to really learn to support each other regardless of size, race, ethnicity, or style?
I believe it really ALL starts with us. Its not all about THEM (fashion industry and media) because we are the ones that can make a change. We have voices that can and will be heard if we are adamant enough. Being in the industry whether as a blogger, model, editor, stylist or designer is challenging but we do it because we love clothes and see this as far more than some superficial thing. It is art for us. It is life. Its our passion. Even myself I find that at times I have thoughts like “oh that dress is amazing, I wish I had her legs so it could look like that” or “I wish I didn’t have to create an hourglass shape with the use of a belt” or better yet “damn here is yet another really cool feature for bloggers in DC and wow there is NO one my size being featured”. It really pisses me off and sometimes makes me just want to call out ALL these outlets on their ridiculous choices. Like really, do some research. Step out of your little bubble and show the DIVERSITY that is DC for heaven sake. We have over 500 bloggers here, can you maybe not use the same 10-12 (Fyi: I have been featured more than once and I don’t embody all variety at all!)?  Because honestly those same old same old ones really do not showcase who and what the fashion scene in this metro area is all about. Not all of us wear everything that Zara makes, carry Phillip Lim/Celine handbags, wear Karen Walker sunnies, wear every single trend that is current, work in politics, have a c/o in front of everything we are wearing in the post or are part of GLAM media. Absolutely no disrespect to any that do and I am friends and really like some of them (ha like they are actually reading this anyway), but its all we see. It is the media’s fault and in no way is it these fashionistas fault but….. Snooze! Real talk. Sorry if you don’t want to know the truth but these are the things I hear over and over by MANY other bloggers and non bloggers so please take the “oh they are just jealous” ideas out of your head now. And I mean right now. Media world, we are bored with what you are showing us. We cannot relate to what you are featuring. You have over saturated the market with “ehhhhh” instead of “ahhhhh”. And please don’t decide to now do some “curvy women of dc” fricken post either because we are sick of being labeled and having to have our own category. Just add us curvy/plus sized/ vivacious beauties to your regular “stylish bloggers of yadda yadda”  editorial pieces and treat us like the fab fashionistas we clearly are! When you use bloggers in a magazine or online feature, how about get a nice “assortment”…. not every blogger is between a 0-6 and it would really be nice to see the average women in reality featured alongside the “ideal” sized bloggers.
But anyway, I digress because I don’t want this to be a rant! And clearly from the 3 paragraphs above it became one…… oh well, its my blog and I’ll cry if I want to!
This is a post that was supposed to be celebrating the AMAZING job that students from George Washington University did on a multimedia project about fashion and the curvy woman but I guess the video caused me to put into words my feelings. In a way I guess that is good… maybe it will be the catalyst needed for a change in this fashion world.
 I was lucky enough to be involved in this documentary and never in my mind did I realize it would come out this fabulous and professional.
Kudos ladies, I am really, really proud of you!!!!!!!
Jenni Jehanne

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