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Comme Coco has been around now for over 5 years and although my style has changed slightly, the aura of this site has remained the same. I started this blog as a pretty shy, insecure girl who just wanted to be as cool as her fashion idol at the time, Karla Deras of Karlas Closet. As I grew in age, emotional strength and confidence, I found it necessary to use this platform to speak on social injustices, psychological issues, dating problems and my own personal life in a transparent way. While I may not share EVERYTHING, I purposely choose to be as open as possible.

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The National Anthem. To stand or to kneel, that is the question. For me, it is simple. I choose to stand with Colin Kaepernick by kneeling or sitting through it. Why? America does not respect blacks and until we are treated fairly and equally, I cannot stand in unity over a false symbol. While on a boat cruise recently (more on it at a later date), I came face to face with the American Flag. A symbol of the states but so many swear it is about the military. I cannot look at the stars and stripes and think unity at the moment. I cannot look at the red, white and blue and think freedom when my people are still very much enslaved to the system.

Frankly, I look right through the American Flag right now just like many look right through my fellow Blacks as if we do not exist. We will not be ignored and I am proud of Mr. Kaepernick for staying strong through all of this opposition.


I may get a lot of slack for this. Heck, brands may choose not to work with me and I am prepared for it. I would rather stand firm in my beliefs and represent them strongly on my blog, rather than play the politically correct game. Scrolling through facebook, I am astonished at how many bloggers write about social issues with such a neutral stance but find themselves going “hard” on their private pages. To each his/her own but my level of respect does decrease for those types because in the end that is just “yes massa’n”. It is drinking the Kool Aid instead of throwing it in their face. It is living a double life and having two faces. One as the passive black that just wants to make money and the other is the one that is actively upset about our treatment in the world.

My humanity is real. I falter. I am heavily flawed. I sin. But I cannot play the game. I refuse to play the game for a paycheck. I cannot sell my soul and will not sell my soul. There are enough things that I will have to barter with God at the end with in order to cross the Pearly Gates and selling out my own people will not be on that list.


I truly do believe that any Black who believes kneeling or sitting for the National Anthem is disrespectful is “yes massa’n” it. You cannot tell me differently.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is now open in DC and people are coming in droves to visit its exhibits. I was fortunate enough to see it early and it solidified how I have already felt. The United States belongs to Blacks. We built it and we kept it strong with our labor. In many ways we still do but I digress.

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I will happily salute, stand and show respect for the American Flag when blacks aren’t profiled, killed and imprisoned at a higher rate than others. At that moment I will pledge allegiance to the United States of America but for now, I bask in the truth. We are divided and it is not getting better at all.

I will continue to raise my fist in solidarity, unity and support for all those doing their best to better the country. Oh, American Flag, I wish in 2016 we were living up to what you represent.


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