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  • j jill white button down top dc blogger curvy cropped jeans old navy

    The White Button Down

    Classics. Oh the classics! I love ’em. Navy blazers, LBD’s, biker jackets, Levi’s 501s and of course the white button down shirt. I love a good ole white button down because…

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  • black mermaid skirt - Cut Up T-Shirts

    Cut Up T-Shirts

    I come from a long line of seamstresses and dress makers. It’s in my lineage. But somehow my only form of making clothes is by using scissors. I can distress. I…

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  • white fof shoulder and denim cutoofs 1 - Summer Uniform

    Summer Uniform

    Uniform. That word typically dredges up images of plaid skirts and white knee socks or police officer blue in most people’s heads. It typically has an unstylish connotation and usually pretty…

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  • Friday Fave HM V Neck Shirt - Friday Fave: H&M V-Neck Shirt

    Friday Fave: H&M V-Neck Shirt

    Friday Fave: New series that I am starting out where I showcase something in my closet that I wear frequently and think everyone should have or I will feature something I…

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