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  • Top Washington DC influencer wearing modcloth red and black dress 19 600x600 - Insta-Story rants

    Insta-Story rants

    Being introspective has been a major part of my healing from all the drama of 2014 and prior. I spend alot of time analyzing my actions and thoughts and figuring out…

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  • FullSizeRender 9 600x600 - Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Here I am. Doing this fitness thang one more time. Since quitting competitive football, I have really struggled with sticking to a fitness regimen but I think I may have found…

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  • FENTYxPUMA rihanna puma jelly slides shot by top dc blogger jennifer of comme coco 12 600x600 - Shooting the FENTYxPuma Jelly Slides

    Shooting the FENTYxPuma Jelly Slides

    Rihanna. Puma. Rihanna and Puma together makes me scream with joy. Add some dope slides and you get the FENTYxPuma Jelly slides that were released last Thursday to the public. I…

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  • top dc blogger wearing a spring style layering distressed bodysuit island jumpsuit summer style 10 600x600 - Love of Bodysuits

    Love of Bodysuits

    Man, thank goodness the 90s are back because my love of bodysuits is quite obsessive. And that obsession is easy to keep strong with the fact that bodysuits are in every…

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  • capital one auto navigator 6 600x600 - Capital One Auto Navigator

    Capital One Auto Navigator

    My age says that I am an adult but there are certain situations that come up that have me running to my parents for help. More often than not, those situations involve…

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  • zaful off shoulder dress 49 600x600 - Feminine Dresses

    Feminine Dresses

    When I think of my style, the word feminine rarely comes to mind. But in the summer time, I cling to feminine dresses. I love flouncy dresses and floral prints. Give…

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  • cosabella bustier 25 600x600 - Cosabella Bustier

    Cosabella Bustier

    I love lingerie. But I rarely wear lingerie in the bedroom. I much prefer it Madonna style and figuring ways to sport it on an every day basis. So this here…

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