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  • Top DC influencer kiss by riri 4 600x533 - 2018's Must Have Fragrance

    2018’s Must Have Fragrance

    Never underestimate the power of scent. It’s officially 2018 and I want to share my opinion of the must have fragrance. Kiss by RiRi is the newest addition to the Rihanna…

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  • To DC blogger wearing ch0ked

    The Power of the Black Female

    I am a very proud black female. I think we are the absolute SH*T! By me believing that we are so awesome does not mean that I think other females are…

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  • Top DC Influencer in Asos 32 600x600 - I'm sold on Asos

    I’m sold on Asos

    My love affair with ASOS started in 2010 when I found a cute grey dress on major sale. This was back in the day when I was making like NO money and…

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  • Top Washington DC blogger in rent the runway

    Thank you Rent the Runway

    Here’s the scenario. Invited to a wedding. Put on weight. Need a dress. Don’t want anything in the stores. What do you do? You may be different but I, Jennifer Jean-Pierre,…

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  • Top Washington DC influencer wearing modcloth red and black dress 19 600x600 - Insta-Story rants

    Insta-Story rants

    Being introspective has been a major part of my healing from all the drama of 2014 and prior. I spend alot of time analyzing my actions and thoughts and figuring out…

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  • Top Washington DC style blogger wearing modcloth 8 600x600 - The Perfect Overalls for Curvy Girls

    The Perfect Overalls for Curvy Girls

    You know when you absolutely love something but your new figure just does not play nicely with it? That is how I felt about overalls until I perused the ModCloth site…

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  • How to wear a leather jacket 28 600x600 - A love affair with pizza

    A love affair with pizza

    I was nearly 7 years old before I had my first slice of pizza. I mean, I was born and spent my first 6 years of life in Haiti where rice,…

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