Super Flare Pants

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During the 7 years of 1997-2004 you could find me in either 2inch inseam spandex shorts on the volleyball court or out and about in 24inch wide bell bottom Silver Sisley jeans. I even went so far to get the ultimate super flare pants in the Silver Charos. A very wide leg pant or a super flare pant is the ideal when it comes to my pant preferences.

Growing up, I was extremely fortunate to have parents that could afford to provide my sister and I a very easy lifestyle. We never wanted for anything and frankly probably had more than we needed. I always look back with a very grateful heart because as I have grown older, I see that it was not the case for many that I consider my nearest and dearest now. With my upbringing, my sister and I were allotted a pretty decent weekly allowance. She saved like that is common of practical Virgos and I splurged on fashion and creative tools like the Pisces that I happily am. Most of my splurging occurred at Contempo Casuals in the Lansing Mall where I filled my actual not online cart with all things leopard and The Buckle in the Meridian Mall where my beloved super flare pants made by Silver Jeans could be found! I also may or may not have gotten a job at the latter mentioned store in order to feed my habit the frugal way. Hello employee discount!

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I was obsessed. Nothing else appealed to my eyes more than that silhouette of a jean or pant with a slim thigh that started to bellow out around the knee into that V shape with wedges completely covered. Because seeing your shoes was a no no. At least for me.

Jump forward a decade and I am so happy to see super flare pants back in stores. Although the fit is far more bell than flare, I am happy for that wide leg opening.

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I find that this pant style looks great with cropped tops and tucked in shirts but I have seen others wear loose tops in a billowy fashion and have it work well too. The trick for curvy girls like me is height. You wanna be as tall as possible for that lengthening action. These particular pants I am rocking did not allow for a high wedge so I settled for the most platform of tennis shoes I own. I absolutely LOVE how these pants accentuate my curves. Hell thighs and hips… where have you been?

Wait who are we foolin’? These thighs have always been a prominent statement piece!

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