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From fashion week events (NYFW, DCFW and Indie Fashion Week), to photographing store openings to attending DC Screening events, my social calendar is pretty full. Am I complaining? Absolutely not! Last night I had the honor of being invited as media for the Shots Fired DC Screening event at the Newseum. Although the beginning process was a tad unorganized, the rest of the night went off without a hitch and the show was worth every little bit of the standing in the rain waiting for entry.

newseum lobby by Mike James

photo by Mike James

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The night began with the red carpet and the opportunity to interview cast members about their roles and the film. We also had the chance to hear what writer/producer Reggie Rock Bythewood had to say about what prompted this series. He and his wife, Gina Prince-Bythewood realized that this was integral to create after watching the acquittal of George Zimmerman for murdering Trayvon Martin. They felt that this was their chance to spark a real conversation.


sanaa lathan at dc screening of shots fired

For those who have not seen any trailers, Shots Fired is a 10 episode mini movie airing on FOX about exploring the aftermath of two racially charged police shootings in a small southern town. This show’s goal is to help its viewers ask the tough questions dealing with race in America and enabling us all to engage in a raw, honest and respectful conversation. Although I only saw the first episode, I left with tons of questions and my eyes far more open about the policing of African Americans in the USA.

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After the screening, the audience was able to ask the cast questions and it was absolutely fantastic to hear what they had to say. Sanaa Lathan explained how her role as tough as nails but heavily flawed investigator Ashe Akino, was the hardest she has played in over 20 years in acting. She mentioned that she was “in the gym of acting every single day trying to play Ashe” and she is ready for any other role after this one. Mack Wilds spoke frankly about his challenges coming in to work and putting on his police officer uniform for his portrayal of Dep. Joshua Beck after viewing the brutal murder of Philando Castile. Reggie Rock Bythewood alerted us all that this series deal with reality. The characters are both good and evil and the storyline is what is happening in America today. While this is an event series based on heavy subject material, the writers did a fantastic job throwing in some very funny jokes as well.

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I could write for hours about how important this series is but it would not do it the justice it deserves. I highly and strongly and vehemently suggest that you all tune in to FOX on March 22 at 8pm to immerse yourself into Shots Fired.

Please note this post does not have my typical edited photos or video. I wanted to give it to yall real, raw, and honest just like this event series. Any photos not by myself or J.Maull are credited.

What I wore:
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