Reston Limo at Virginia Vineyards

Sundays are for wine. Heck, every day is for wine but this past Sunday, a bunch of us hopped in a Reston Limo and took a trip south to the Virginia Vineyards for a day of tastings, birthday celebrating and photo snapping. I was pumped to be invited to celebrate Ashley of Chicville USAs brother’s 21st and even more pumped that no one had to be the designated driver because we were chauffeured from winery to winery. So yes this is all about reston limo at Virginia vineyards and it was so much fun!

We all met at Ashley’s to surprise her bro in the early morning and then drank mimosas the 45 minute drive to our first vineyard, 868 Estate Vineyards in Purcellville. We pulled up to a very rustic landscape dotted with barns and stone fountains. 10 minutes after arriving we had tasted 3 wines and all had enormous smiles on our faces. Cause duh alcohol on an empty stomach. Well- my tummy wasn’t empty because the beau and I stopped at Uprising on the way there for muffins but that’s because we are older and know our digestive systems far too well.

After the tasting, we walked over to Grandale Restaurant which is located on the property, and noshed on all the yummy things. I chose the filet mignon because yet another duh, I wanted something heavy to line my stomach before drinking and it was delicious. I wanted it to be medium rare and it came out far more medium with a touch of medium well but it was still seasoned to perfection and thus tasty. The beau had the halibut and that was SUPER tasty and others chose the special of the day, crab cake Benedict. Although the food was everything and more, I do believe the service could have been a teeny bit better. My sides were wrong and the waitress kept trying to give me others people food but overall I would go back, no questions asked. I am truly bummed however that I forgot to purchase some truffles!

reston limo at virginia vineyards

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After 868 we jumped in the Reston Limo and headed over to Breaux Vineyards. 868 was rustic and Breaux has more of an air of elegance. Their wines have witty names such as Breauxmance and my personal favorite- Jennifer’s Jambalaya. We were treated to a 30 minute tour of the grounds and wine making process by Bruce Miller and I thought I knew about wine but clearly I did not after that tour. Now, well now I am more knowledgeable!

The final destination was easily my favorite- Tarara Winery in Leesburg. It is the absolute perfect mix of rustic and elegant. Plus the wines were beyond delicious. Like so delicious! We all sat down at a table for the tasting which felt like luxury after having to stand for the others as is customary. The table scape was beautifully decorated and the personal charcuterie boards were a necessary touch because I was HUNGRY!

tablescape at tarara winery during blogger tour

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Typically wine tastings are done in more temperate climates or weather and we were not that fortunate. It was 34 degrees when we left DC and the high was estimated around 43. Ya’ll it was cold. I really wanted to look stylish yet be comfortable with all the drinking and the weather. For me layering was key. I started with my new fave thing ever – shapewear, then opaque tights, a striped long sleeve tee, my thrifted denim skirt, a burgundy wide brim hat, my thrifted wool coat and my most comfortable heels. These JustFab babies were worth every penny for function, style and comfort. I like cannot stop raving about them or wearing them to be honest. They are just all that and a bag of chips! (yes I did just write that)

virginia winery top dc blogger tarara winery-5

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all photos by me or JDM

top dc blogger wearing tees in the trap

details on my hair: I purchased a half wig from the beauty supply store, threw it on and fish tail braided it. Then messed it all up.

see more photos on my Instagram.

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  1. Michelle
    March 16, 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Yum! That food looks Amazing!

  2. Claudia
    March 16, 2017 at 1:44 pm

    Wine trips in the colder weather are the best! Doing mine on the 24th with girlfriends. Save one of those wines to open up when I head back to D.C.!

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