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  • weekend style from top blogger denim shorts winter outfit 15 600x600 - Weekend Tings

    Weekend Tings

    As I sit here and type this, its the weekend. Sunday night to be exact. Im cuddled on the couch with Jermaine watching the Grammy’s and cheering on everyone black. Yup.…

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  • Easy way to style a turtleneck 39 600x600 - More Ways to Style a Turtleneck

    More Ways to Style a Turtleneck

    I had ALL intentions on doing a full series of different ways to style a turtleneck but then the weather made it difficult to shoot 5 different outfits. So then I…

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  • IMG 1387 600x600 - What I am leaving behind in 2017

    What I am leaving behind in 2017

    While sitting here in my mom’s house in Florida, a feeling of uneasiness came over me. It is nearly 2018 and I have not seen enough progress in my life. More…

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  • top dc blogger in free people dress style 42 600x600 - My Love of Blanket Scarves

    My Love of Blanket Scarves

     I fell head first on the blanket scarves bandwagon and well, I am happily riding along. I preach inhale fashion, exhale style and I am against trends over personal style but…

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  • Top DC blogger at city center igloo holidays 2017-13 ice lounge

    DC Living: Real Igloo at City Center

    When you think of igloos, typically visions of fur adorned Eskimos and the Arctic come to mind. Never does one associate an igloo with the epicenter of luxurious living and shopping…

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  • IMG 5449 600x600 - Washington DC Fall Trend Look

    Washington DC Fall Trend Look

    Happy Thursday yall- I should be showing a throwback thursday type photo but instead posting my actual outfit of the day. People often think that living and working DC means conservative…

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  • top dc blogger wearing velvet trend 15 600x600 - What is that, Velvet?

    What is that, Velvet?

    If you don’t know where my title comes from, then I am seriously judging you. Whenever I think of velvet or see velvet, I automatically think of Coming to America. That…

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