Making the Unicorns Proud

Hey all-
Most probably will not understand the title of this post and some old fogeys like me will know instantly that because I am wearing purple and talking about Unicorns it can only be about the Sweet Valley books. I absolutely ADORED this series when I was growing up and had ALL of them until the fateful day my Daddy gave them away to the local library. I still have urges to break in and run out with them all in my hand…. its not technically stealing because they were mine to begin with! Right?!?!?! Regardless I may have to peruse Amazon  and see if I can find the set of the Twins books and the High School ones! If you see me on the metro readind a kiddie book, please dont judge! HAHAH 🙂
This dress is one of my absofave maxi dresses for the color and silhouette. I love how its fitted in the waist and then flares out over my ample thighs 🙂 I decided to wear it a little different though. Instead of the criss cross in the back, I decided to put the criss cross up front… very subtle change but it gives me a different look… any of you ever alter your outfits this way?????
this is the first time I have not edited pics for color correction or to sharpen the detail. I wanted to see how they look without the post production work and I think they are a-ok…. what do you think????

Dress: Arden B previously worn HERE and HERE
Bag: from my Mom’s Closet (Bijoux Terner)
Jenni Jehanne

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  1. Yep, LOVE the dress and the colour. Looks fabulous on you. Also, I actually read Sweet Valley Confidential last year, and am eagerly awaiting the new mini e-series coming out next month. Yes, I’m a dork.

  2. Pitit ou rinmin expose parti intim corp ou!  Oh bon Dieu!  You don t have comeau’s blood running in your veins