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  • Comme Coco How To 600x600 - Favorite iPhone Photography Trick

    Favorite iPhone Photography Trick

    They always say that the best camera is the camera that you have on you. So for me, my best camera is almost always my Iphone 7 plus. I carry that…

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  • Washington DC blogger yellow dress 21 600x600 - How I Pose in Pics

    How I Pose in Pics

    I often get asked “How did I learn how to pose in pics”. To be totally honest, I practice a TON! Being a box shape (saddle bags DO NOT count as…

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  • FullSizeRender 6 - Easy Way to Plan Instagram Posts

    Easy Way to Plan Instagram Posts

    We all know that Instagram is leading the way as preferred social media platform for most bloggers. And theming is really important for Instagram. I spoke briefly on theming in my…

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