Layering a Denim Mini with J.Jill

Layering. One of the easiest ways to be stylish.

There is not much that I loathe more than wearing a garment as is. Who wants to be a store mannequin. I try my best to always add a little stank to what I am wearing. I loved this J.Jill linen shirtdress I received but it was a bit too plain alone. During the fall I wanted to start layering long men’s collared shirts with a leather mini but never had the chance. Boom! I looked over to my “recently” purchased garment rack and saw my denim mini and I decided that layering a denim mini with J.Jill was going to be my outfit of the day.

layering a denim mini with j jill spring style top dc blogger

Personally- I am not feeling all the blue since it feels too matchy matchy but its a good start. Ideally my yellow sandals from ShoeDazzle were my first footwear choice but with all the running around planned for that day, being practical trumped (ohh I hate using that term now) style. Patchwork slides from Hush Puppies seemed a better fit for the day’s activities than 4.5 inch strappy sandals.

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Let’s discuss these Hush Puppies though. Ohhhhh wee! Like walking on clouds. Stylish clouds. I have a feeling these will be worn many times over by yours truly. But not with all blue again. I’m just not feeling that. I want to find an emerald green dress or cropped trousers to rock them with. Yup- that’s on my list next!

I have recently been experimenting with different bags as well. My go-to is always a funky crossbody because I believe in function over fashion more often than not. And nothing is more functional and fashionable than this beauty of a backpack. Ohhh ShoeDazzle (option 2) , you are killin the game! This is my new carry on bag instead of my beloved MSU bookbag lol.

Take a moment and check out all the other fabulous blue mules that I researched for your shopping pleasure!

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  1. Claudia
    April 14, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Nice! Bring that dress to Cali for your CloClo 🙂

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