Kanye Isn’t Nuts

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Kanye isn’t nuts. Kanye isn’t solely an attention seeker. From his behavior the last few years, it is apparent that Kanye is unwell. Labeling does nothing to help him. And frankly- we all should understand and try our best to sympathize or empathize with him. No, not all of us have completely broken down and ranted about our feelings or aired out others dirty laundry but we have all suffered from some of the behaviors linked with extreme stress and/or depression. We do it on our social media all of the time. We just do not have the followings they do. We do not have major publications sharing our story. We do not have the burden of having to be the whole entire world’s role model.

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I am a huge advocate of mental health. While psychology has been an interest of mine, it was 2014 that I fully immersed myself into it. The horrible breakup of 2014 nearly left me in ruin. Not because I wanted to remain in it but because it forced me to look at myself and understand WHY I was doing the things that I did. I did it all yall! I begged, I had suicidal ideations, I ranted, I looked for attention, I cried for days and days, I did not eat, I could not work- I truly lost my mind for a solid 5 months and in those moments I truly believed I would never be well again. Grief can do that to you. Abrupt changes in life can do that to you and guess what? It does not make you a weak person. It does not mean you are crazy. It means that you are fragmented and have to treat yourself with love and care while piecing it all back together. It means that you must delve deep into yourself to find out why you are in that situation and why you may be coping with it in that way. I did not want the relationship I had but I did not want to lose it. I didn’t want to fail. I was so comfortable punishing myself and being in situations that made me sad that changing that felt like the end of the world!!!

I am constantly offering advice to my friends and even those I follow on the internet because I see all the signs clear as day and I so badly want to help.

I took myself out of the blackness with alot of work but I also know its a journey and not just a quick fix. Kanye is walking that journey and yes all his rants and odd behavior is a part of that. He will eventually get to a positive state.

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Kanye isnt nuts. Kanye is still grieving his mother’s abrupt death in November of 2007. Kanye has probably been incredibly triggered by his wife, Kim Kardashian West’s traumatic incident in October of this year in Paris. Can you imagine not being there to protect? As a man feeling that he wasn’t the protector? Having that bring up his feelings of not being able to “save”his mother. We all need to stop and think about all of ths rather than being so quick to condemn!

We “regular” people do not endure the stress of being in the limelight day in and day out. I never use that as an excuse for celebrities to act a certain way because it is a path they chose but I can understand the challenges that come from it. Imagine every single thing you do being documented. Every move you make being photographed. While many happily invite it in, others try to control what is public and what is not. Just like we all do with our social media. Unfortunately they do not always have that luxury.

We are all so quick to judge and assume. I am not a medical professional by any means. I am working on pursuing my degree in psychology but I am not a psychologist. I am a woman who has made it her mission to better herself and never allow myself to succumb to my stigmas again. I will not go into detail about my battle in this post but you can easily find them under the thoughts category of my blog.

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Can we all please cut Kanye a little bit of slack? He is battling so many demons. Trying to be a public figure while obviously not able to cope with his mother’s death. From everything that has been shown, they were extremely close. Darn near best friends. Now he is married to one of the most public of celebrities and has to constantly be a certain way. The man has alot on his plate and probably never had the opportunity or took the opportunity to truly cope with losing his mom.

Let us all please remember he is human. And at this time he is a fragmented human being. Let us offer him our prayers and support rather than bashing him or calling him nuts or crazy! Even the media. Please stop. Please stop with the anti-Kanye posts. He isn’t the villain. He is a victim. He is a patient. Depression is an illness. It is not a choice.

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  1. Cathy
    December 8, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    I seriously can’t even tell you how much I love this post and you!!! People don’t even try to understand how painful it is to be in such mental and emotional pain that it causes you to behave in ways that you cannot control nor even understand. I will forever be in awe of how you shared your own personal journey to wellness with such truth, honesty and rawness!! Shine bright sis, there are so many who need this kind of truth.

  2. Amanda Nicole
    December 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Right on time.

    Thank you for this post.

  3. Keierra
    November 29, 2016 at 4:45 pm

    Really great post! I seriously can’t imagine losing my mom. My heart goes out to him.

  4. Yvette
    November 23, 2016 at 2:41 pm

    Great post!

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