Honored as an Influential Woman of Style in DC; Your Womanly Curve Magazine

Even though this was 2 days ago, I am still in a state of denial and shock that I was chosen and honored as an influential woman of style in DC. Nicole Garder of Womanly Curve Magazine and Candice Nicole of Candice Nicole PR hosted an unbelievably lovely event to honor 5 of us in all aspects of blogging and life. I was the only fashion topic and I really have no words still to express my gratitude over this. This was hands down the most fun event that I have attended in DC in a very long time. Typically events like this are bland and consist of a bunch of well dressed people in various corners of the room speaking to those they know. This one was far from that and I am sure others felt the exact same way with all of the mixing and mingling that I saw. The highlight of the night for me was hearing my name called to accept my award and then hear the splendid cacophony (oxymoron right) of cheers and claps from my awesome support group of fellow bloggers and friends. It was sincerely surreal and I feel blessed and thankful and over over the moon by this. A million thank yous to Nicole and Candice for presenting me with such an honor and for everyone that attended!
thank you to Sig for attending and taking awesome pics!
some photo credits go to my boyfriend/ Bobby Pen/ and various others!

from L-Right: Sunni, Makeda, myself, and Candice
Haitian Sensations: Stania of Miss Sassy Style and I
my necklace layering for the night: 3 of them to make a statement piece
was SO happy to see Dara there!
oh yes, I was giving Angelina Jolie leg but with far more curves!
thank you Kizzy for this pic!
My support group of fellow bloggers, creatives and phenomenal women! photo credit: Bobby Pen
gift bags with fabulous products from local vendors… the body butter is AMAZING!!!
louis hopson with girlfriend jennifer jean-pierre
my baby came to support, I love him so much!!!!
Louis hopson surrounded by fashion bloggers
just a small percentage of everyone who came to support
Kizzy looks great…..
adore this pic
Elle, Tamika and I
very happy to be honored with Caroline Jhingory
my longest known DC friends … I sincerely love these two with all my heart! Jleh and Susan, thank you!
Elle, Morgan and Caroline
My award!
the Influential 5 with the hosts of the evening! Nicole, Myself, Caroline, Sunni, Maaden, Lauren and Candice!
I adored her leather mermaid fishtail skirt!!!
typical Jen face…..
Best pic ever!
Jacket: Arden B
Shoes: JustFab
Tights: HUE
Jenni Jehanne

more amazing pictures can be found HERE! pw: Curve Thank you again!

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