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checked dress-14ok, so everyone knows I have a thing for graffiti walls and murals. Now that I live closer to DC, I’m finding that I am exploring all the different neighborhoods and seeing how things have certainly changed since I moved to this metropolis 9 years ago. It is sad to see how gentrified DC has become but at least a little bit of Chocolate City is still alive in all the DC Murals. Thank you to the DC Murals.

First and foremost, I have not one thing against the mass invasion, for lack of a better word, of the less melanated, but I hate to see how much the neighborhoods are being revamped to accommodate those moving in. When I came here it was still chocolate city. It may have a little more milk in it but was not as caramel hued as it is now. I wish more than anything that the blacks who built the city were not being pushed out in droves due to new “luxury” complexes that can only be afforded by the upper echelon. Because seriously- 2500/month for a one bedroom box is ludicrous to me. That’s why I am in Maryland. Where I still pay far too much but have to deal with, considering I chose to move here.

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I truly feel for all the true locals. It has to be hard to see the change in the landscape. It has to be hard to see our people being shoveled out. Granted, yes, a lot of the older complexes are pretty run down. We may not have been the absolute best in keeping everything up but why can’t the government do a little more to help rather than take the easy way out. Why are all the programs aimed at community not being funded? Why do they say they want to help the youth but yet not take action in doing so? But I guess that is just the world we live in today. Officials say a lot and do very little.

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How did our world become like this? How is it that historically black cities are being taken over? Again if they were making room for everyone, I would understand but the very clear push to rid DC of blacks bugs me. How is it that a reality star and unscrupulous business man is the Republican nominee and more than half his party cannot stand him? How is it that police are disproportionately murdering black people? Why are we so feared?

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I can honestly say that this post really went left. There is so much in my heart and I use this as my online journal. A place I can speak my feelings without judgement. Well, I am sure many judge but guess what, it is my space and I can say and block whomever I want. But I rarely do block them because why not leave it up? We all have a right to our opinions. I wanted to speak on DC murals but really my heart bleeds for the change I see.


At the end of the day, I love to see beautiful DC murals celebrating black culture amidst the Starbucks and West Elm popping up. I pray they don’t get taken down as more and more of us are pushed out……

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But in the meantime, I hope you all can appreciate this one that I found near 7th ave NW and S St NW.

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Dress: Rainbow Stores, brand is Almost Famous| Shoes: JustFab

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