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  • mazda 6 grand touring

    Drive the Mazda 6 Grand Touring

    Ok… I am turning into a car girl. Probably because I am more than likely going to have to purchase a new car sooner rather than later but I am praying…

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  • Election 2016

    So the big day is tomorrow y’all….Election 2016 and I am truly terrified. While I talk about nearly everything on this blog, I typically stay away from politics. Not out of…

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  • Capital One Auto Navigator

    My age says that I am an adult but there are certain situations that come up that have me running to my parents for help. More often than not, those situations involve…

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  • Shop my top liked instagram posts

    I often joke that I am an instagram blogger. And frankly I do post more consistently on that photo sharing platform than I do on this site. Some of my outfits…

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  • Favorite Bomber Jackets Under $100

    Its Fall. Well it is supposed to be Fall but here in DC we are currently experiencing an Indian Summer. But since Fall is around the corner and jackets are all…

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  • Just Because

    Due to some technical difficulties, I don’t have a full post but I wanted to start sharing sneak peeks. Why? Just because! I’m really digging monochrome looks. It’s so easy to…

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  • Washingtonian Style Setters

    Hands down my favorite fashion or style event in DC goes to the Washingtonian Style Setters soiree. It is just a magical time. What I love the most though is that…

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  • The American Flag

    Comme Coco has been around now for over 5 years and although my style has changed slightly, the aura of this site has remained the same. I started this blog as…

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  • Capture Your Style Book Review

    If you follow Song of Style like I do, you know her long awaited book, Capture Your Style is out and many, many, many are buying it. Being someone who loves…

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  • Black Girl Magic

    Black girl magic. It is not just a hash tag but  a way of life. As a moderate feminist, I truly believe that ALL women are magical. Hell we bring life…

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  • Fitness Diary

    So I’m back with another fitness diary log! Last week I was trolling Facebook and a transformation picture pops up on my feed. Most of the time I’m not impressed and…

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