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  • top dc blogger at the smile project carnival wearing shoedazzle skirt 21 600x600 - The Smile Project DC Carnival

    The Smile Project DC Carnival

    Smile! You always hear it either before taking a photo or in my case when walking around the city and men want to get my attention with the infamous “Smile”. Last…

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  • i wwpTwdR X2 600x600 - Cruising With Comme Coco on the Odyssey DC

    Cruising With Comme Coco on the Odyssey DC

    My readers and supporters are everything to me. The money from blogging is great, expressing myself is great but nothing comes close to interacting, inspiring and hearing from readers of Comme…

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  • FullSizeRender 2 600x600 - Shop my top liked instagram posts

    Shop my top liked instagram posts

    I often joke that I am an instagram blogger. And frankly I do post more consistently on that photo sharing platform than I do on this site. Some of my outfits…

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  • zaful off shoulder dress 49 600x600 - Feminine Dresses

    Feminine Dresses

    When I think of my style, the word feminine rarely comes to mind. But in the summer time, I cling to feminine dresses. I love flouncy dresses and floral prints. Give…

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  • checked dress 6 e1471553102437 600x600 - DC Murals

    DC Murals

    ok, so everyone knows I have a thing for graffiti walls and murals. Now that I live closer to DC, I’m finding that I am exploring all the different neighborhoods and…

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  • lemons 5 600x600 - Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    Happy Tuesday and welcome to Monday’s hated cousin! I mentioned a few months back that I was on a fitness and health journey and my posts on the topic have been slim,…

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  • shirley g wig event 94 600x600 - Shirley G Wig Launch Party

    Shirley G Wig Launch Party

    There are events and then THERE ARE EVENTS! The Shirley G Wig Launch party at the Blind Whino last night was the latter. It was the definition of dope. Heck it was…

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  • top dc blogger at taa pr event for bermuda 3 600x600 - Go To Bermuda Event

    Go To Bermuda Event

    Now that I have moved back closer to DC, I really am teetering the sartorial line between Baltimore and the Nation’s Capital! Last night I had the honor of being invited…

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  • blanket scarves e1481051303921 - Curvy


    Hello Ms. Curvy…. This is by far the sexiest I have felt in a really long time. And I am completely covered up. Literally. From head to toe, I am completely…

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