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  • top dc blogger summer style 27 1 600x600 - Blogging brings out my insecurities

    Blogging brings out my insecurities

    Comme Coco is my baby. It is my little place on the internet that I can share my thoughts, outfits, inspirations and photography. It makes me oh so happy! But yet,…

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  • IMG 3766 600x600 - Green Moto and White Linen

    Green Moto and White Linen

    I’m a spartan. An MSU spartan. The real MSU Spartan, as in Michigan State Spartans and green and white are our colors. (Yup, it was all shade what I wrote.) But…

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  • top dc blogger curvy winter style 4 600x600 - 315 Culture and Citizens vs. Government

    315 Culture and Citizens vs. Government

    It is 2017 and although I was not around for times of slavery or segregation laws, I truly believe that this is my generation’s civil rights movement. If you follow me…

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  • FullSizeRender 600x600 - 5 Easy Ways to be Chivalrous

    5 Easy Ways to be Chivalrous

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Living in DC and frankly living in this generation has opened my eyes to the disastrous state of affairs that is chivalry or the…

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  • img 8821 1 - Kanye Isn't Nuts

    Kanye Isn’t Nuts

    Kanye isn’t nuts. Kanye isn’t solely an attention seeker. From his behavior the last few years, it is apparent that Kanye is unwell. Labeling does nothing to help him. And frankly-…

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  • IMG 9224 600x600 - Perfection


    Strive for progress. Not perfection! So just like this graphic t-shirt from Tees in the Trap states: F*@! Perfect! For most of my life I thought perfection was the way to…

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  • cruisin with comme coco on the odyssey dc 6 600x600 - The American Flag

    The American Flag

    Comme Coco has been around now for over 5 years and although my style has changed slightly, the aura of this site has remained the same. I started this blog as…

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  • top dc blogger 8 600x600 - Boyfriend Jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans

    Borrowing from the men. Well let me stop lying. Darn right stealing from the man with these here boyfriend jeans. These are my best friend’s jeans that I decided to peg…

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  • comme coco 60 600x600 - Lost


    It’s been over 2 years now that I have gotten my emotional regulation issues fully controlled and I found happiness within myself but now am realizing that I am lost. I am…

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  • travel diaries florida 31 600x600 - Body Positive

    Body Positive

    Most of my travel diaries involve being in Florida. I am always in the sunshine state. Not always by choice but I like to be with my family so it trumps…

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  • beyonce2 - Beyonce, fashion icon

    Beyonce, fashion icon

    “We have an opportunity to contribute to a society where any girl can look at a billboard or magazine cover and see her own reflection,” Beyoncé said. “Soul has no color.…

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