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  • Shooting the FENTYxPuma Jelly Slides

    Rihanna. Puma. Rihanna and Puma together makes me scream with joy. Add some dope slides and you get the FENTYxPuma Jelly slides that were released last Thursday to the public. I…

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  • Green Moto and White Linen

    I’m a spartan. An MSU spartan. The real MSU Spartan, as in Michigan State Spartans and green and white are our colors. (Yup, it was all shade what I wrote.) But…

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  • mazda 6 grand touring

    Drive the Mazda 6 Grand Touring

    Ok… I am turning into a car girl. Probably because I am more than likely going to have to purchase a new car sooner rather than later but I am praying…

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  • Shutterthug Thursday vol 1

    As promised, I will be featuring and showcasing my photography on thursdays. And it will be called Shutterthug Thursday cause that is what came to mind. These are only posts to…

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  • 315 Culture and Citizens vs. Government

    It is 2017 and although I was not around for times of slavery or segregation laws, I truly believe that this is my generation’s civil rights movement. If you follow me…

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  • 5 Easy Ways to be Chivalrous

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Living in DC and frankly living in this generation has opened my eyes to the disastrous state of affairs that is chivalry or the…

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  • Driving the Mazda CX9

    I am in love everyone. Like head over heels in love and it is not with my beau. Its with a beast on 4 wheels and this sucker is sick! Two…

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  • Kanye Isn’t Nuts

    Kanye isn’t nuts. Kanye isn’t solely an attention seeker. From his behavior the last few years, it is apparent that Kanye is unwell. Labeling does nothing to help him. And frankly-…

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  • Capital One Auto Navigator

    My age says that I am an adult but there are certain situations that come up that have me running to my parents for help. More often than not, those situations involve…

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