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  • IMG 3907 600x600 - DCity Smokehouse

    DCity Smokehouse

    I am a Haitian born girl who was raised in the Midwest but am absolutely in love with all things country. From the music to the food especially BBQ. I’ll have…

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  • how to style otk boots 7 600x600 - Winter Pastels

    Winter Pastels

    Happy 2017! After 34 years on this earth I know better than to make any resolutions. I rarely keep them. Actually I can honestly say I never, ever keep them. Not…

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  • top dc blogger 8 600x600 - Boyfriend Jeans

    Boyfriend Jeans

    Borrowing from the men. Well let me stop lying. Darn right stealing from the man with these here boyfriend jeans. These are my best friend’s jeans that I decided to peg…

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  • black girl magic 15 600x600 - Black Girl Magic

    Black Girl Magic

    Black girl magic. It is not just a hash tag but  a way of life. As a moderate feminist, I truly believe that ALL women are magical. Hell we bring life…

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  • zaful off shoulder dress 49 600x600 - Feminine Dresses

    Feminine Dresses

    When I think of my style, the word feminine rarely comes to mind. But in the summer time, I cling to feminine dresses. I love flouncy dresses and floral prints. Give…

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  • checked dress 6 e1471553102437 600x600 - DC Murals

    DC Murals

    ok, so everyone knows I have a thing for graffiti walls and murals. Now that I live closer to DC, I’m finding that I am exploring all the different neighborhoods and…

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  • img 0712 1 600x600 - Guerilla Blogging: The Jumpsuit

    Guerilla Blogging: The Jumpsuit

    It’s late and I don’t have much to write but I wanted to share “the jumpsuit”.  I love the idea of this blog or website being a diary. Not so scripted.…

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  • le tote floral blouse 19 600x600 - Le Tote

    Le Tote

    Several months ago, I started seeing ads for Le Tote showing up on my Facebook and my curiosity got the best of me. I clicked, I visited the site and I…

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  • img 6540 - Sunday


    Last Sunday, I peeled myself off of my couch and actually went out on a date. I have to be honest, I have been oh-so-very lazy with my style lately that…

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  • redbook graphic - Redbook Magazine Real Women Style Awards

    Redbook Magazine Real Women Style Awards

    Redbook Magazine Real Women Style Awards April has been ridiculously successful, press wise for me! To add to the fun, I recently made the top 25 in Redbook Magazine Real Women…

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