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  • top washington dc blogger with short natural hair

    I did the Big Chop, Now what?

    So recently, like less than a week ago I decided to big chop and embrace my natural hair. Almost every single one of my friends were discouraging me for months about…

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  • shobha rockville 19 600x600 - Opening of Shobha Rockville

    Opening of Shobha Rockville

    As much as I love all types of photography, there is something about covering events that sets my soul on fire. One of my favorite PR firms in DC, Brandlink DC…

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  • nyc street style 5 600x600 - Denim Skirt

    Denim Skirt

    On Saturday I attended the Other Festival in New York and definitely wanted to look stylish but also really wanted to be comfortable as well. I knew it would be a…

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  • nicki minaj collection - How To Makeup Routine Video

    How To Makeup Routine Video

    So….. if you are expecting some super high quality how to makeup routine video, this is not the place for it. This is a snapchat compilation of my quick office makeup…

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  • best statement necklaces for less - Minimal Winter Style

    Minimal Winter Style

    Grey and Camel……. Between still being in mourning over the loss of my best friend/grandmother and not really feeling like rocking anything complicated, I have basically dressed in neutral colors this…

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  • easy summer braid styles - Long Braid

    Long Braid

    Oh… you didn’t know I’m Rapunzel with this long braid in my hair. Or maybe it was a nice cover up because my hair was molded and drying underneath this little…

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  • img 1624 - Hair


    Most women are raised to believe that their hair is their beauty. And not just any hair, but long hair. The longer it is the more beautiful and I truly believe…

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  • curvy fashion blogger dc comme coco - VinoFest DC 2015

    VinoFest DC 2015

    This past Saturday, my girls and I headed over to NoMa to attend VinoFest 2015 to indulge in our favorite things: wine, dancing, great weather, people watching and music. This was…

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  • office wear in the summer comme coco - Workwear


    We spend most of our time at work. Well, heck, I spend most of my time at work and if I am going to be sitting for 8 hours working on…

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  • shaggy pixie cuts comme coco - Double Denim

    Double Denim

    I have a thing for jackets. Leather. Tweed. Wool. Denim. Double Denim. I love them ALL! But nothing is dearer to my heart than this trusty “jean” one from my good…

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