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Remember my epic birthday post? The one I wore that fantastic sheer bodysuit? Remember I mentioned where I got it and how? Well here is the post you have probably been waiting for. *nod your heads in agreement* I recently had the pleasure of modeling in one of my first “real” shoots for a brand. Blake Porter Studio launched their new plus size line and asked little ole me to be a part of it alongside Dani of Blonde in the District.

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We met on a very, very cold and windy DC day in hopes of shooting in one location but the weather and other factors had us quickly changing. I remembered my shoot with Brandon a few months prior and said “What about the national gallery of art?”. And that is where we ended up.

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I won’t go into full detail about my shoot wearing Blake Porter Studio but I will mention that I am obsessed with the quality and style of the items. I am also super duper DUPER geeked to have worked and helped support a black female owned business. If we want to rise and succeed as a community, we must financially and emotionally support one another. But enough of that- it’s not one of those posts. Just understand- supporting your own should always be the first option when shopping 😉

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I do want to highlight about working with Dani though. She is breathtakingly beautiful in person but the camera ADORES her. I look at these photos and think- wow she is STUNNING! Not only is she a beauty but so incredibly nice and welcoming and a pure joy to work with. We had a blast!

MG 1425 e1490898537875 800x1200 - Blake Porter StudioMG 1415 e1490898632374 800x1200 - Blake Porter Studio

We did shoot two looks but I am choosing to showcase the first one where we both styled this beautiful blue bodysuit. I have worn this thing at least 3 times since. I am wearing a 1x in it and it is a TEENY bit large for me but that is what some creatively “tucking” and pulling is there for.

blake porter studio collaboration

While not everything is loaded onto Blake Porter Studio site yet, please check out what is available and check out some other fun photos from the shoot!

Photos and video by Marc J Photography

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