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  • justfab plaid dress  11 600x600 - The Shoe Dazzle Plaid Dress

    The Shoe Dazzle Plaid Dress

    Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch with J and he was being his annoyingly cute self tickling me and I had my iPhone out, recording him on Insta-story when I…

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  • Comme Coco How To 600x600 - Favorite iPhone Photography Trick

    Favorite iPhone Photography Trick

    They always say that the best camera is the camera that you have on you. So for me, my best camera is almost always my Iphone 7 plus. I carry that…

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  • top washington dc blogger with short natural hair

    I did the Big Chop, Now what?

    So recently, like less than a week ago I decided to big chop and embrace my natural hair. Almost every single one of my friends were discouraging me for months about…

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  • Washington DC blogger yellow dress 21 600x600 - How I Pose in Pics

    How I Pose in Pics

    I often get asked “How did I learn how to pose in pics”. To be totally honest, I practice a TON! Being a box shape (saddle bags DO NOT count as…

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  • FullSizeRender 9 600x600 - Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Adding FlyWheel to my fitness regimen

    Here I am. Doing this fitness thang one more time. Since quitting competitive football, I have really struggled with sticking to a fitness regimen but I think I may have found…

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  • CurlFest 2017 shot by jennifer jean pierre 68 600x600 - Best Men's Style at Curl Fest

    Best Men’s Style at Curl Fest

    This past weekend, I hopped on the Bolt Bus and made my way north to NYC for Curly Girl Collective’s Curl Fest. For those unfamiliar, Curl Fest is the ultimate black…

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  • day at summerhill polo 45 600x600 - A day at Summerhill Polo

    A day at Summerhill Polo

    It’s a humid yet sunny Saturday afternoon and a rooftop happy hour or a day walking around museums in DC just reeks of “been there done that.” So you pack up…

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  • top dc blogger summer style 27 1 600x600 - Blogging brings out my insecurities

    Blogging brings out my insecurities

    Comme Coco is my baby. It is my little place on the internet that I can share my thoughts, outfits, inspirations and photography. It makes me oh so happy! But yet,…

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  • patch jeans spring style 8 600x600 - DIY Tees in the Trap Patch Jeans

    DIY Tees in the Trap Patch Jeans

    Regardless if I have all the money in the world or none of the money, when it comes to my clothes I honestly prefer something DIY. I like to create and…

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  • kia cadenza 7 600x600 - Kia Concierge Service

    Kia Concierge Service

    I have been compensated by Kia Motors for this post but all opinions are my very own. Ok, I am STILL car shopping. I know where I will be using for…

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