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Ok, so maybe just maybe I am turning into the biggest advocate of Marriott’s AC Hotels but how can anyone not? A couple of months ago I visited the AC Hotel National Harbor and just last week I made a quick jaunt to visit the AC Hotel Miami Beach and fell back in love with these properties!

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The AC Hotel Miami Beach is located on the “adult” side of South Beach. To better explain it, I mean further down the beach away from most of the nightlife but perfectly situated in the midst of great restaurants and quiet relaxing beaches. Being a frequent visitor of this locale, I thought I would hate being so far away from my typical beach spot between 8th and 16th but found myself seeing Miami Beach in a whole new light. It is always great to get a new perspective and the AC Hotel Miami Beach certainly provided me that!

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My favorite thing about the AC Hotel Miami Beach is the décor. It sets itself apart from the usual Miami beach look by choosing a more European inspired theme. And you all know, I do love all things Parisian!

While I do not want to compare by two visits to AC Hotels, it would be a disservice to you all by not mentioning the customer service. It is beyond impeccable! I had a glorious stay and great experience at the AC Hotel Miami Beach that without a doubt rivaled their sister hotel in DC. Being a former customer service professional, I can really appreciate the small things like a friendly smile in the lobby and eye contact when speaking. I received these little luxuries from the valet parking attendant to the guest registration associate to the housekeeping staff and they mean far more than the luxurious amenities. Oh- and there are plenty of those! Amenities that is.

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Floor to ceiling windows and neutral colored rooms. Yup a  photographer’s dream and traveling aficionados must haves!

Only “negative” I would highlight is the age of the hotel. It is not brand spankin sparkly new and you can see some age related aesthetic flaws but nothing that takes away from its ambiance!

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The bed. Oh the bed. When I save more money, I definitely have to purchase everything they have there. The sheets are oh-so-plush and that mattress is the perfect symbiotic relationship between firm and pillow soft. I have fantasies of carrying that mattress out and taking it home. But alas, Ill stick to visiting more AC Hotels instead.

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Besides the bed, my next favorite part of the AC Hotel Miami Beach is the breakfast. Think flaky, buttery croissants, assorted cheeses and the freshest of fruit. My mouth is drooling as I type. Please head on over there and test it out.

I will patiently wait for the “I told you so”.

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It would only be natural that a visitor to Miami Beach would care less about a hotel with a pool. Because well duh… the beach is only a 3 minute walk away. But….. I found myself relaxing at the rooftop pool more than Oceanside. After much poolside pondering, it was clear. The views from the pool at the AC Hotel Miami Beach were breathtaking. The swing bench cabanas were ridiculously comfy and not having to deal with sand EVERYWHERE made for pure happiness.

ac hotel miami beach x commecoco-88 miami beach x commecoco-74miami beach x commecoco-53miami beach x commecoco-54ac hotel miami beach x comme cocothe pool at the ac hotel miami beach

All photos and thoughts are my very own. Please feel free to share but please do not forget to give credit. I appreciate you all reading and if you make it to this hotel, please let me know how you enjoyed it!

This last photo was pure luck. I was doing a test shot at the pool and just happened to capture lightning on the ocean. I really had to stop and admire the beauty of God’s “magic”.

So in conclusion, I certainly urge anyone looking for hotel accommodations in South Beach to consider this one. I am getting absolutely nothing by saying that and am putting my word on it!

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Visit the AC Hotel Miami Beach: 2912 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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  1. Tata
    August 31, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Wow! This review came just in time as I will be staying there soon. Great pics too (btw, what kind of camera did you use?)!!

    1. Jen
      September 1, 2016 at 3:05 pm

      Hey! Thank you for commenting and your nice compliment!
      I used a canon t3i with a 50mm 1.4 lens for most pics!

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