Happy Friday and Happy Happy First Comme Coco Outfit Post of 2014! My closet is laden with sleeveless dresses and being that it is below freezing temperatures in DC, I cannot very well step out with my limbs uncovered.

Although I was raised in the great state of Michigan, my blood has clearly thinned out from my stint in the Sunshine State. Even though its cold, I still feel the need to sport dresses over pants. My infatuation with opaque tights plays a role in this preference. These tights are forgiving in so many ways. You don’t have to shave, they act as a wind barrier and dark colored hues instantly slim your gams.

I decided this year I would make an effort to experiment with more colors other than black. Although I have worn these eggplant/aubergine ones a few times in the past they are still a favorite! My goal is to tackle a dark green next!

Oh and how fabulous is this hat? I borrowed it from a co-worker and adore it!

Denim Shirt: BCBG
Tights: HUE
Watch: Timex

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