Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pretzels or Peanuts?

Dressing for your figure is not always the easiest thing in the world to do but it sure makes a world of a difference! I may not be the slimmest chick on the block, but when I wear anything with a fitted bodice and flared bottom, I have the appearance that I had instant lipo. Speaking of thinning out, I am pretty excited to report that this curvy blogger just shed 6lbs since the end of December and I am so utterly geeked!

You all may wonder about the choice of title for today's post and it aligns with the fact that a friend of mine stated I was giving off "stewardess" vibes. At first I literally had a "As If!" reaction to it and then upon closer inspection realized "ok yeah, I am channeling the customer service reps of the friendly skies".

This is by far my fave picture of the bunch solely for the way the hair is laid! Typically when I have a weave, I almost always wear it straight because it was easier than dealing with the maintenance of curly hair. This Brazilian Loose Wave from Johann's Virgin Hair has me eating my words though. I have not put a single amount of product in it since wash day (Saturday) and it is super soft and I can run my fingers easily through it. This is my 2nd foray into the world of Virgin Hair and I can honestly say that I am a believer. I cannot speak on other hair but this particular one sewed into my hair is worth the already affordable prices!

I purchased this dress from H&M in Union Station on one of those days that the Marc Train was misbehaving and I needed to kill time. It just so happens that they were having a major sale and this dress was significantly discounted.

Earlier I spoke on figure flattering garments and the minute I zipped up the back, I knew this frock was going home with me. I love my body as God created it but I have always wanted a natural hour glass shape instead of my more "athletic" build. This is the fantastic thing about clothes.... we can use belts, textures, hem lines, accessories and heels to quickly transform what we may lack.

Never, ever confine yourself to a certain way of dressing based on your figure. We can all wear the exact same silhouette with minor tweaks to flatter our specific shapes!

Many thanks to Samantha Jamison for her photography skills!

Dress: H&M
Tights: HUE
Pumps: Nine West
Aviators: Michael Kors


Keri Henderson said...

Great look! Very flattering :)

Waverly said...

You look gorgeous, & congrats on those 6lbs!!

Dinesha Johnson said...

super cute and congrats on your weight loss!

Elizabeth Rice said...

This is a fabulous look for you!!! :D

Joi Smith said...

fabulous!!! I love the contrast created with the black tights too!

EbonyCPrincess said...

UGHHHHHHHH now I feel I must find the perfect flare fit dress to add to my wardrobe! I adore this look - you are really working it lately and yes, as I said on your IG, that hair is everything! I can't believe you ever thought straight hair was easier! With the right curly/wavy hair - its almost maintenance free!

Réjane said...

You look AMAZING. This is such a great look--I love it and must copy it (sorry)!! Great job on shedding the pounds you wanted to shed.

Réjane said...

Do you think one could pull that off with a v-neck version of the dress?

Tanasha said...

That dress! It fits you perfectly and I love how you paired it with the striped button up. Really cute!