Plaid Suiting

 It’s a mans world but we women sure do look good in it. There is nothing I love more than to feminize a masculine look. I could have easily worn this suit with my sky high YSL Tribtoo pumps but decided to keep it with the guys with a pair 2 toned loafers. These shoes from Shoe Dazzle are hands down my favorite statement shoe. No matter what they are paired with, they scream Rat Pack to me and who can disagree that they were by far the most stylish and dapper men in history!

Although the sun had completely set and I am still waiting for Rayovac to replace my external flash that their faulty battery ruined, I wanted this suit to be shot in a moody type setting. Every outfit that I plan, I also envision where and how to shoot it as well. I get asked alot to start doing styling but I just don’t think it is my strong suit yet (no pun intended).

If you follow me on Instagram, you will see an abundance of fitness type posts to go along with my fashion. The reason behind this is because I am adamant about being completely well rounded this year. I intend on taking my blog to the next level, adding a radio show hosting or tv show hosting gig to my repertoire as well as shedding the little bit of fat that is covering up the muscles I remember having in high school.

Oh and these are 2 separates from 2 different stores that just happened to make the perfect suit….
Yea, Im pretty obsessed!

Hair: Johann’s Virgin Hair (highly recommend purchasing it!)    
Shirt: Forever 21
Pants: LOFT

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