Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Perfect Hot Chocolate for a Winter Day

mug photo credit: dadychery.org

Baby, its cold outside! For all of us dealing with these winter storms and record breaking temperature lows, nothing is better than cozying up inside with something warm to sip on. I am a recovering chocoholic but nothing makes me feel as good as a warm cup of chocolat chaud. Yes I can go to a coffee shop or Panera to grab some but they do not compare to Haitian Hot Chocolate. So today I wanted to share one of the recipes with you. The Haitian Chocolate stick can be a pain to find but most Caribbean markets do sell it in the west indian section. It also come in a ball variety that is just as yummy.

Layer up, bundle up and keep on sippin to brave this cold! Before long we will be melting in the summer again!

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Réjane said...

YES! Haitian choco--amazing (Makes me miss my childhood sometimes). Perfect drink for this time of year. Love, your fan in Chiberia