Lipstains at Lexington Market

Often times, ideas that are in my head do not manifest into a great reality. Even with the grittiness of Lexington Market in Baltimore, I was adamant about doing a shoot there. There is something about showcasing ALL parts of Baltimore that is appealing to me and not just showing the “clean” and “tourist friendly” places. I believe when you are in a city you should experience every part of the city minus anything dangerous. I got alot of push from alot of people about shooting there. “its dirty” “the people are gross” yadda yadda.. yes, all those are true but really who cares? Isn’t a personal style blog supposed to be personal and not all glitz and glamour but sometimes a little grit and glamour?  I grew up in a hoyty toyty, suburban Wisteria Lane where we still borrowed sugar from our neighbors and could forget to put our garage door down while gone on a 1 week vacation and find our home and belongings completely intact (true story). I was sheltered. Immensely. It was not until I left the nest and started wandering off on my own did I see the “real world” and even then it was still a very subdued glimpse of it. I am not the absolute most comfortable in more “urban” areas (bc Im wide eyed and naive and just look like I am out of place) but I do not shy from them either and this post was important to me because I wanted to do something different. I wanted to put myself in a different situation. I wanted to show the juxtaposition of my seemingly sweet outfit with the toughness of the locals but alas we just could not get a good enough shot inside or outside of Lexington Market. My posts from here on out are not meant to be perfect but I want them to be real. This is a fashion blog/personal style blog but I am a real person and not a model (no matter how many offers I get). But, unfortunately this post is NOTHING like I wanted or envisioned in my head but that is what is great about ideas. Some can come to fruition and be successes and others just stay something great in your head but in the end what is important is always TRYING it out. If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again! 
We shall meet again Dear Lexington Market!

photo credit: Lexington Market

photo credit:
Sweater: Forever 21 (on sale!)
Chambray Shirt: Max Azria
Jeans: Mossimo similar Option 1/ Option 2/ Option 3
Wedges: Love Culture
photo credit: Marriott

Macy’s and CapFABB event video

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