Perfect Locks Hair Review

Hey all-
So its obvious that I wear a weave every now and then and it has become a more than “now and then”occurence  since I began my transitioning out of relaxers. I am a low maintenance girl in everything in my life and my hair is no exception. I don’t like any hairstyle that requires hours to do or massive amounts of product to make it look halfway decent. I am a wash and go type of girl. I was contacted by a representative of Perfect Locks about testing out their hair and if I liked it, I would do a review on the blog. Well its clear since I am writing this that it passed my tests. When I first got this hair installed, I HATED it. It was dry, felt tangled and matted up in the middle. This was my first experience outside of beauty supply store hair and I instantly thought, “people pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for THIS?”. I immediately sent an email to the lady who had linked me up with Perfect Locks and within 2 hours I had a response from the owner of Perfect Locks herself. She went through the process with me and was so friendly and knowledgeable via email that I instantly knew I would be a customer for life based on that. She then went above and beyond and had one of her sales reps call me a little later that evening to make sure I was OK and understood everything from the emails. Basically my novice self did not know to wash the hair prior to the install to wash away the medical grade shampoo that is used for sanitation purposes. Honesty, it was that little extra step that truly had me hooked! After a week in I washed the hair using the sulfate free products they sent to me after that call. Maybe you can tell from the picture above but I truly love this hair! It is extremely soft, does not mat or shed, and matches the texture of my hair almost perfectly. I didn’t think anything could take me away from my beloved Outre Velvet Remy, but Perfect Locks certainly has captured my heart! My favorite thing about this straight virgin indian hair is that when wet it transforms into this wild yet uber manageable curly hair. I’m really enjoying the fact that I have two textures in one and can still maintain my low maintenance lifestyle! I can honestly say that between the quality of the product and the customer service alone, 
I am a fan for life of Perfect Locks

exfoliated my skin tonight and I love how its gleaming…. just a tad bit of concealer under the eyes and lip color
one side is blow dried and the other is in natural state
great new lip color from Radiant Cosmetic. “help kiss slavery goodbye”
I rarely flat iron hair.. only blow dried and left ends a little wavy
Currently wearing 16inch Straight Virgin Indian from Perfect Locks. Thinking of trying the wavy next time around and possibly going longer…. I am enjoying all this experimenting!
Jenni Jehanne

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