Friday, January 4, 2013

Camo and Military Trend

photographer: Louis Hopson
Hey all-
Even when the trend is over, I will still be wearing camo and military inspired garments. There is something dynamite about this print especially paired with leather. Or maybe I am just obsessed with leather and think it goes with any and everything. Today though I didn't wear leather. I kept it simple and basic for a quick day of running errands with my boyfriend. He served in the Air Force and has buttloads of camo pants, jackets, shirts and even a hat and what is the best is that we were almost the exact same size pant. With a belt they will look fabulous on my frame and will certainly be rocking them soon! Mattie James did a kick ass job of rocking camo pants recently even though it was with a Biggie sweatshirt... sorry Mattie but I am West Side Till I Die!!!
p.s. my hair is really growing and getting thicker and I am loving it. About 2 more extensions sessions and I think it will be where I near it to be.

can you see that line of demarcation? lol

 Camo Jacket: the Boyfriend's Air Force
Maxi Dress: Ralph Lauren Option 1/ Option 2
Belt: Express
Boots: Steve Madden
Sunnies: H&M similar HERE
Purse: Vintage Gucci from Ebay

Jenni Jehanne


Style4Curves said...

Love this on you!!!!

J. Jehanne said...

Oh thank you SO much. I forgot that I had it scheduled to post today hahahah.

Jenni Jehanne
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Eat.Style.Play said...


J. Jehanne said...

thanks Elle

Caryn Kidwell said...

LOVE the Camo style!!! Let's just say I will not be wearing my guys pants as he is a foot taller than me LOL! It seems Mr. Louis is becoming quite the photographer :)

patentleathercuspcakes said...

Very Cute! I love how you took a real jacket and made it cute! Love the patches and everything on it.

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J. Jehanne said...

Thank you Sharonda!!! Yes I always wear the real jackets and not the Zara version etc.... feels more authentic :) The thrift store has tons

melissa ward said...

Luv it fab coat