Saturday, November 3, 2012

Statement Blazer and HBO Girls

 Hey all-
I love easy pieces that make an outfit. I don't like to have to think too much about putting things together and this is precisely why I adore this Ralph Lauren Blazer dress. I have seen a couple bloggers wearing this exact same style as a blazer but no one with this specific one just yet so of course I love it just a little bit more because of its individuality. I am not jaded enough to think that no one has a similar one but its nice to not have seen it in blogs that I follow lol. With alot of bloggers shopping at the same stores and often wearing the same merchandise its nice to sometimes get away from the cookie cutter world that we are posting in and just find what you love and not just what will attract brands. Is this outfit special? Not really. Its just a dress worn unbuttoned, a graphic-T I received from a special screening of HBO's Girls, jeans and my trusty thigh high boots but it screams Jenni Jehanne and that is what gives it that kick. Because I am transitioning from using a relaxer to not, I do have extensions in my hair right now. I do have a whole lot of my own hair out and I experimented with a twist out. I love big, wild hair and I think that this may be my hair style of choice for a long while so get very used to it. I woke up this morning with the mother of all sore throats. It was so bad that my uvula was swollen and when I say swollen, it took over my mouth and when I attempted to talk, I sounded like a very challenged Kermit the Frog meets Cookie Monster. Im starting to feel better now and hopefully will be able to enjoy my football free weekend! 
Wanted to quickly send thank you's to Lucky Magazine for featuring 3 of my posts on their site as well as Jillian of NuSophisticate for the kind words in her blog about my "leather sleeve jacket".

major swollen jowls... the swelling was no joke!

Blazer: Ralph Lauren Option 1
Shirt: Gifted by HBO Option 1
Jeans: Forever 21
Boots: Report Option 1
Scarf: gifted from overseas

Jenni Jehanne


Vivi N said...

That blazer/coat dress is insane. Fantastic find.

JenniJP said...

Thank you Vivi. I fricken LOVE it. I'm going to wear it as a dress next time I think

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

Rocquelle P. said...

LLLLOOOVVVEEEE!! This whole look is perfection Jen! I adore the touch of pink.

JenniJP said...

thank you so much Rocquelle! I had to add some kind of color. Next time Im wearing this as a dress :)

Terry S. said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that blazer, and LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those boots.


JenniJP said...

Thank you Terry!!!!! Me too. Lol. You will be seeing those boots alot.

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

Girlie Blogger said...

How cool is your blazer dress. You look totally all-American-Classic.

Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

So that blazer is HOT!!! And those boots, HOTTER!!! You look great, Jen! Hope to see you soon ;-)


YoyosFashions said...

Hot look!! Love the blazer!!

Naja Diamond said...

Love the jacket, love the hair, love the boots, love this look boo!!

JenniJP said...

Thanks girl!!!!!

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

n. harv said...


Audrey Masitsa said...

Love the jacket!! I've already started planning for how I would style my imaginary one!



JenniJP said...

Thank you Audrey! Check out Goodwills and Salvation Army. I bet you will find one.

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

chioma anosike said...

that blazer dress is amazing girl! I totally understand what you mean, i strive to only wear what i like and is my style on my blog :)


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