Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fashionably JCPenney

Items Above: Ponte Pencil SkirtTuxedo Slim PantsLeather Trimmed Blouse

Hey all-
One of the best things in this world is the ability to revamp and change yourself no matter what course you may be on. Speaking of revamping... wow JcPenney has gone above and beyond and is now becoming a go-to store for me. I recently went to one of my fave blogger's site (Fashionista Next Door) and saw a post with a very fabulous and oh so jenni jacket. Imagine my surprise when I scroll down to the outfit details and find out it is from JcPenney and its under 50 dollars! I mean JcPenney.. really?!?!? I remember my mother purchasing housewares and sheets from there but their clothing always seemed a little dowdy. Please do not get me wrong, I can and will find anything to wear in any store. I have a knack for that probably because I am cheap frugal and I like the challenge sometimes. Regardless, I went to the JcPenney website and was ASTONISHED at the items that I saw. I literally did the "oh I want that" out loud and just started crazily adding items to my cart. Oh, did I speak on the prices! Every item that I was going goo gaga over is under 60 bucks. Some are 20 and under. One of my fave dresses is the embellished shoulder black sheath dress and I actually saw this on a live model at the Meets Obsession Photography Exhibit that I attended a few weeks back. The dress does not look like a 35 dollar number and is the perfect little black dress for your closet! I hope you all enjoy my picks as much as I do!!!!
( I may or may not have gone OVERBOARD with the faux leather pieces but I love this material)

 Peplum Short Sleeve Top/   Lace BlouseSilk Tunic (lots of colors and perfect w/ leather leggings)

Jenni Jehanne


Tiffany Elam said...

JCP is great! I went into one over the summer because my mom wanted to go, & I ended up getting more than her!!


Eat.Style.Play said...

I like this, i haven't been shopping in JC Penny in years. I love all of these pieces, but i wish they came in my size.

Rocquelle P. said...

The white and black pencil skirt and faux leather skirt are going to make me pay JCP a little visit :-).

J. Jehanne said...

Alot of them have plus as well Elle. Alot of the jackets are :)

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

J. Jehanne said...

I know :) this is only some of the stuff in obsessed with

Jenni Jehanne
Editor In Chief: Comme Coco

-Inhale Fashion, Exhale Style-

Naja Diamond said...

Great post girlie! I got into JCP while I was in Shreveport, LA but I haven't been back since leaving. I need to make a trip ASAP, they have some FAB pieces I see.



Tori said...

UUMM... I never knew JCPenney's was this chic...I might have to take a wonder in there, and soon! lol

Alisha Lampley said...

I am loving those jackets!!!

Tyese Knighten said...

JCPenney's has it going on. Those are some really cute pieces. I am loving the faux leather!

MarieYoung said...

Ummm, I'm surprised to say the least. My fav is that a.n.a tunic top they have!

J. Jehanne said...

I wanted that one so bad but only had smalls..... I did get the flared skirt and the leather and white top though. Lets hope they work out well. How are you? How are the babies?

MarieYoung said...

I am good thanks for asking missy! You already KNOW my big ol' 8 month preggo self can't even attempt to purchase this shirt, but they are on my hit list for post baby shopping hahahah. I hope your selections work out for you :) How you been?

J. Jehanne said...

Im great girl... making it through. WOW 8 months already... I bet you are still in heels too! lol

MarieYoung said...

YES MAAM..I sure am, but I keep my flats on deck in my purse just in case hahahahah Glad your doing well. Miss you and Michelle dearly!

J. Jehanne said...

yes I know.... I was sooooo surprised... now lets pray everything is decent quality!

MissRockwell said...

I rarely ever shop in JCP but all of these pieces are great-especially the shirt with yellow sleeves and the black/white skirt. I will have to pay them a visit very soon!


Sid said...

I like the New JCP. I am not sure why they are still having a tough time with sales because their pieces/prices are perfect. I need that pencil skirt. Thanks for sharing lady!

Anonymous said...

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